Not the Fight Fans Want to See

Phil Turner May 1, 2011 Comments Off on Not the Fight Fans Want to See

Of the title bouts scheduled for this year, there are some interesting match-ups slated. The fight with the biggest buzz will take place on May 7th in Las Vegas, between boxing’s #1 pound for pound champion, Manny Pacquiao (52-3-2), and former four-time title-holder, Shane Mosley (46-6-1 with 1 no-contest). It’s an interesting fight on paper being that between them, the fighters have won an impressive fourteen world titles.

But the fight is more lopsided than the fighters’ notable records suggest. Pacquiao (32) is in the prime of his career and has not lost a fight since coming up short on the scorecards in a 2005 bout with former five-time champ, Erik Morales. Since then he has won 13 straight fights, bringing his title total to 10 in a world record 8 divisions. Last year Pacquiao was the highest paid athlete in the world (tied with Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees), earning $36 million for two fights.

Mosley, however, is on the back end of his career. He will turn 40 in September and has not won a fight since 2009. His last fight was a less than impressive draw with Sergio Mora, his comeback fight after losing a unanimous decision to the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. While his record speaks for itself (he has beaten the likes of Oscar de la Hoya and Ricardo Mayorga), it seems as though his best days, the days he needs to beat a fighter like Pacquiao, are behind him.

The match-up which has been both the most intriguing and the most elusive for boxing fans is between Pacquiao and Mayweather, ESPN’s number 1 and number 3 ranked pound for pound boxers, respectively. While negotiations between Top Rank and Golden Boy Productions neared an agreement in 2010 that would have earned the fighters $40 million a piece, Pacquiao’s camp objected to Mayweather’s demands of Olympic-style drug testing which includes random blood and urine samples up until the day of the fight, stating that Pacquiao did not want to be weakened by giving blood right before a fight. Negotiations eventually fizzled out with Mayweather stating that he was not focused on boxing for the time being, and he has not signed a deal for a fight since his 2010 bout with Mosley

So fans will settle for the Pacquiao/Mosley fight, and while it should be an entertaining fight, it’s not the one they really want to see.