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 Ultimate Sports Talk – TNA Best Superstar: Matt Morgan vs. RVD

TNA Best Superstar: Matt Morgan vs. RVD

Ultimate Sports Talk June 3, 2011 Comments Off on TNA Best Superstar: Matt Morgan vs. RVD

Matt Morgan vs. Rob Van Dam

In this colossal battle of two of wrestling’s best superstars, the battle of agility, strength and endurance is sure to be seen.

It is important to note that this battle does not take into consideration storylines or current developments. Matt Morgan at his best is taking on Rob Van Dam at his best.



Rob Van Dam is an innovator in this sport. The Van Daminator (with the chair!), the Frog Splash, Rolling Thunder and his charismatic attitude were exactly the elements that have taken him from the classic ECW arena with hundreds of fans to Wrestlemania with thousands of fans!

Last year, RVD became the industry’s #1 free agent and rumors about his signing with TNA ran rampant throughout the internet and social networking all the way up to the very night he debuted. It is difficult to find any other night where fans in the Impact Zone were louder! Everyone was on their feet and Bischoff/Hogan used Rob Van Dam to help catapult TNA as a hopeful contender against WWE on Monday Nights. The championship was very soon around the waist of “Mr. 420.”

Matt Morgan has always been a monstrous force in professional wrestling. He has competed in both WWE and TNA. His greatest weakness is that writers behind the scenes seem to have very little imagination for a charismatic big man with athleticism, strength and dominating power. Sure, he has had a few good runs as one half of the tag team champions. His YouTube video delivering an F5 to The Big Show in WWE continues to reach thousands of new viewers each week. (Thank God he stopped dying his hair!)


In this matchup, Rob Van Dam would use his quickness and agility to hit-and-run against “The Blueprint”. He would get in a good series of kicks until Morgan would overpower RVD into the corner to deliver a barrage of elbows taking the energy right out of his opponent. Morgan would dominate the match from then on. A series of slams, kicks, punches and running clotheslines would overpower RVD and take the wind right out of him.

When the fans start to get behind RVD, the tide would shift in his direction. RVD would explode with quick kicks and punches. Eventually a flying roundhouse kick takes Morgan off his feet leading to a perfect position for the ROLLING THUNDER! Morgan, being the intelligent competitor, would roll to the outside. RVD never lets an opponent get away when he smells blood. He would climb to the top rope and leap off for a cross body press. Morgan notices RVD in mid-air and moves out of the way sending RVD chest first onto the guard rail.

Morgan quickly rolls RVD into the ring. He attempts the pin … KICKOUT! Morgan jumps up and screams at the referee. He grabs the official by the collar with one hand and points his finger in his chest with the other. Morgan is furious!


Who’s running down the ramp? IT’S BILL ALFONSO!!! Better yet, Bill Alfonso WITH A CHAIR! The crowd is on their feet. Alfonso throws in the chair. RVD slowly makes his way to his feet, grabs the chair and waits as Morgan continues to scream at the official. Finally, Morgan finishes his tirade and tosses the official to the side. He turns around! RVD tosses the chair at Morgan. He’s going for the VAN DAMINATOR! RVD leaps in the air – but no! Morgan dodges! He slams the chair into RVD’s mid-section and then throws the chair outside. RVD moves around the ring trying to catch his breath. He finally turns around … CARBON FOOTPRINT!!!

Morgan covers. 1… 2… 3!!!



OK, so maybe the match would not have gone exactly that way, but you can count of foot meeting face in this matchup. RVD is a tremendous wrestler and will always be a top competitor in TNA. However, Morgan is a star waiting for his shot. I have never seen a professional wrestler with so much potential be tossed to the side. He had a stint fighting against Mr. Anderson months ago where I truly thought this was his time to shine – but it wasn’t to be.

Now, TNA’s creative team has him fighting … Scott Steiner? Does anyone notice that Steiner made it off the “Best Superstar” tournament?? That was not an accident! I appreciate what he has done for the business, but Steiner has no business being in a meaningless feud with Morgan. TNA wake up! Morgan is one of the best in the business. Give him the ball and let him run with it. I will always be a MAJOR Rob Van Dam fan from his days in ECW, but if given a true opportunity, Morgan wins this battle and moves on to the next round.

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