MCW’s Angel Dust

Ultimate Sports Talk June 6, 2011 Comments Off on MCW’s Angel Dust

This weekend, I was front row in center representing to watch MCW’s Summer Showdown in Alliance, OH. The women’s matchup sparked my interest because it was not only a bout with attractive women, but both competitors could ACTUALLY WRESTLE! Allysin Kay faced off against Angel Dust. Needless to say, I knew who Allysin Kay was. It’s hard not to when she and her partner Jessicka Havok “got the brass 4 yo ass!” However, Angel Dust was a competitor I have never heard of before – and I am sorry that I haven’t!



Standing at roughly 4’10” (at best) and maybe weighing in at 80lbs, she is the smallest competitor in MCW. But don’t let that fool you, she is fierce competitor with a series of moves that rivals any martial arts competitor or professional wrestler in the business. Her series of leg kicks to the thigh of Allysin Kay were by far the hardest kicks I have seen from a wrestler who wasn’t named Daniel Bryan (or Bryan Danielson).

Team Be Jealous came out to the ring with brass knucks in hand ready to destroy Angel Dust. Even Dick Jeremy was prepared to take action as the match became a 3-on-1 competition from the sound of the ring bell. Angel Dust came out showcasing her speed in the ring with a very impressive hit-and-run flurry of leg kicks, drop toe holds, back elbows and dropkicks. Sure, this may sound like simple wrestling – but I have not seen a female performer move so fast inside the ring! Angel Dust can take a simple collection of moves and turn them into a rampage of aggression leaving her opponents wondering what just him them.

The tone of the match quickly changed when Jessicka Havok and Dick Jeremy involved themselves in the match. In fact, at one point Allysin Kay tagged in her teammate not realizing that the match was a one-on-one bout – perhaps the blonde streaks in her hair took over for a moment. But this was where Team Be Jealous was at their best. They began to beat on Angel Dust from all directions. Inside the ring. Outside the ring. Angel Dust took every ounce of that beating and continued to fight back. After kicking out of what was sure to be the match-ending blow by Allysin, Team Be Jealous went into the corner to grab the brass knuckles and end the match once and for all.


Angel Dust had a better idea! She was back on her feet before Team Be Jealous knew what had happened. She dodged all blows by Allysin Kay and Jessicka Havok. She even dodged Dick Jeremy who received a fan-friendly low blow for her (or his?) troubles. The match ended in a no contest leading to Angel Dust challenging any member of Team Be Jealous to a one-on-one ONLY match on June 18th at Summer Showdown – part 2.

Needless to say, I was amazed by Angel Dust’s determination, talented set of moves and her ability to take on three individuals. This was by far the best women’s match I have seen in quite some time. TNA and WWE do not even compare to this match up – and the worst part is that only a handful of fans in Alliance, OH were there to witness it!

I immediately went to the internet to find out everything I could about Angel Dust. I found several YouTube and ClickWrestle videos of her matches along with several forum conversations where she has faced independent wrestling star Sassy Stephie on multiple occasions leading to what I can only assume is her top feud. Other than that, there is VERY little information about this star to be found around the internet – which is a crime!

On June 12th at the Pub & Panini’s in Canton, OH an up and coming all-women promotion called Dropkick Divas will be having their first live event. Angel Dust appears on the roster at, so will be in attendance to hopefully interview her and find out more about her background in this business. A special meet-and-greet is scheduled to begin the evening at 7pm with the matches starting at 8pm. Tickets are on sale now!