Casey Pazzalia June 6, 2011 Comments Off on O…M…Gee

Coming off a series win against the Braves, the mutley Mets are in the thick of a wide open Wild Card race. With no real dominant teams competing for the Wild Card, it’s anyones ball game. The Metropolitans have a 10 game road trip coming up following todays day off, if they can come out 7-3 then they’ll start getting more respect. They’re not facing extremly difficult teams on the trip either, they have the Brewers for 3, the Braves for 3, and the Pirates for 4. Sounds possible to me, folks.

If I would have told you at the beginning of the year that Justin Turner would be an everyday player who has locked himself in the 2 hole, you would have said, ” Who the hell is Justin Turner?” In that same conversation, if I said that Dillon Gee would be undefeated and leading the team in wins, you’d probably expect the Mets to be out of any kind of race by now. But the truth of the matter is that the guys who are producing , are the guys who are collecting minimal contracts. The players who we were counting on coming into the season aren’t there, except for Reyes and Beltran. Jason Bay looks more like Jason Mraz at the plate, David Wright is hurt and our “ace” Mike Pelfrey has an ERA north of 5! So what happens if everything starts to click? Pelfrey finds the groove he was in last year before the all star break? Bay can hit a few balls out of the park? It makes you think that there might be a chance, doesn’t it? Despite all the problems the front office has, the product on the field isn’t that bad. Make one more push for the playoffs before unloading Reyes, and all the fans he brings to the ball park.