“In This Corner”: with Boxing / MMA expert Larry Cassano III

Larry Cassano, III February 23, 2012 Comments Off on “In This Corner”: with Boxing / MMA expert Larry Cassano III



“In This Corner” is a New weekly blog by Ultimate Fight Show host “LC “that gives you the fan, the latest and most accurate up to the minute information from the world of Boxing / MMA.  Whether you are a casual fan of the sport or a die-hard super-fan, “In This Corner” is your one-stop-shop for anything and everything that encompasses the sports of Boxing / MMA.


Last Update:  (02 / 23 / 2012):

Hello to all you fight fans out there from around the globe and welcome to the 1st blog of “In This Corner” w/ your host LC!!!  I am new to all this blogging stuff, so bare with me over the next few weeks until I can come up with a set format on how to run this weekly blog.  With that in mind, let’s get right into this week’s rumors, facts, and opinions from the world of Boxing / MMA.


Boxing News / Notes:

–  Middleweight Champion of the World (160) Sergio Martinez says that he will seek a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for his next bout if a fight with Julio Chavez Jr. cannot be secured for the fall of 2012.  When asked why, Martinez responded by saying “I offered Pacquiao a fight at 150 pounds and he refused, where is Mayweather is willing to face the best challenges out there for the most money”.  He also added that “Mayweather is his own boss, and that Bob Arum controls Pacquiao and who he fights”.  We will keep you updated as this story develops.

–  Hopkins / Dawson II will take place on April 28th in Atlantic City, NJ for the Light-Heavyweight Title (175). Their first fight ended in controversy over an injury that Hopkins suffered in the 2nd rd. of an even fight last October.  Hopkins at 47 years old will attempt to become the oldest athlete in major sports history to win a legitimate championship past the age of 45.  Dawson on the other hand, has insisted that he was and will dominate the older fighter again.  Now as a longtime advocate for both of these fighters, let me be the first to say that in no way was their first fight outcome determined at all.  The fight was even at the time of the stoppage, and it appeared to this fight expert, that Hopkins was not at all what Dawson expected in the ring that night (meaning that he wasn’t acting his age of 46, but rather like a 26 year old).  Now I am not saying that I think that BHOP would have won, but I am saying that in no way did “Bad” Chad Dawson win either, and that’s the facts son.

–  As if it needed to be said, HBO is once again the top Boxing outlet in the world of television after securing the PPV rights to the year’s biggest fights so far with Mayweather / Cotto on May 5th, and Pacquiao / Bradley on June 9th.  HBO has also indicated that both PPV events will be preceded by the series 24 / 7, which gives fight fans an inside look at all fighters camps and methods leading up to the live weigh-ins for each fight.  I for one CAN’T WAIT!!

–  The spring fight line-up just got a little more interesting with the announcement that Cuban-born prodigy Yuriorkis Gamboa will move up 2 weight classes from 126 to 135 to challenge undefeated Lightweight Champion Brandon Rios on April 14th on HBO.  That should be one hell of a fight and one that all fight fans will be glad they have HBO as part of their cable package to see it!


MMA News / Notes:

–  Nate Marquardt has reportedly signed a new deal with Strike Force which is also owned by his former employer the UFC.  Marquardt was fired from the UFC after failing his 2nd PED drug test last summer.  Marquardt is glad to get another chance from Dana White and promises to make the most of it.  Rumors have him facing undefeated Middleweight prospect Tyrone Woodley later this year.

–  Bristol Marunde will fight “Jacre” Souza on the undercard of the Strike Force event in Columbus, Ohio on March 3rd in a Middleweight event.  Miesha Tate will fight Ronda Rousey for the 135pound women MMA title in the main event that night.

–   Daniel Cormier will fight Josh Barnett on May 19th 2012 in San Jose, California according to reports coming out of the Strike Force organization.  The fight will mark the conclusion of the Strike Force Heavyweight Grand Prix that started 2 years ago to determine the Strike Force Champion. The winner is expected to make the move over to the UFC by years-end.

–  Saturday’s UFC 144 fight card will mark the first return by the UFC to Japan in over 12 years.  The response from international fight fans has been so overwhelmingly positive that UFC president Dana White has said they will plan to have a fight card in Japan once a year from now on.  My only problem with the Japan fights is the boxing ring that they use instead of the octagon like in the UFC.  I also don’t like how quiet the crowds are during the fights, it’s eerily tranquil which is about the last thing American sports fans are and expect from 100,000 people compacted into a soccer arena.  But I guess diversity is the key to life and apparently sports….

…..Til next week’s blog, I will leave you fight fans with some food for thought…

Question of the Week:  

Should all UFC main events be 3rounds or 5round fights and why???

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