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“In This Corner” is a weekly blog by Ultimate Fight Show host LC that gives you the fan, the latest and most accurate up to the minute information from the world of Boxing / MMA.  Whether you are a casual fan of the sport or a die-hard super-fan, “In This Corner” is your one-stop-shop for anything and everything that encompasses the sports of Boxing / MMA.

Last Update:  (03 / 13 / 2012):

Hello to all you fight fans out there from around the globe and welcome to the 3rd blog of “In This Corner” w/ your host LC!!!  I am new to all this blogging stuff, so bare with me over the next few weeks until I can come up with a set format on how to run this weekly blog.  With that in mind, let’s get right into this week’s rumors, facts, and opinions from the world of Boxing / MMA.

Boxing News / Notes:

–  This weekend is St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday that has become synonymous with drinking, wearing green, and the occasional late-night scrap.  Fortunately for those of us who actually like to see real men fight (opposed to loud-drunk-patrons with no skills at all) the Middleweight champion of the world Sergio Martinez brings his 160 pound lineal title to the Big Apple to defend against Matthew Macklin on HBO Saturday night at 10pm.  For those of you who have never seen the champion fight, here is a free suggestion, stay home and watch him on Saturday night. I promise that you will save a ton of money, be entertained, and see a world-class scrap instead of a piss-poor attempt at one in your local pub. And for all those Irish people who feel it’s their patriotic duty to support St. Patrick on his day and drink, news flash, Read a Book!! St. Patrick was an Italian monk; he is not even a % Irish. So put that in your glass and swallow it!!

–  Over the weekend fight fans were treated to an exceptional rematch between Orlando Salido and Juan Manuel Lopez. The fight lived up to the hype, as both fighters went toe-to-toe for 10 exciting rounds, culminating with the champion Salido’s 10th rd. TKO over Juan-Ma Lopez.  After the fight, Lopez said that he felt he was winning the fight, and that the referee Roberto Ramirez stopped the fight because he has a gambling problem. This statement tells me two things; the first is that Lopez took too many punches in that fight because he was in no way winning. The second is that he is a poor loser and should maybe consider moving up to 130 pounds because Salido isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In the aftermath, the WBO has banned Juan Manuel Lopez for a year for his behavior and comments after the fight. He has 5 days to respond and appeal the ruling. Stay tuned for more as this story develops.

–  Roger Mayweather recently stated to Boxingscene.com that his nephew Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the second best fighter of all-time behind Sugar Ray Robinson.  Roger said “Floyd has won titles from 130 – 154 pounds. No one is on that level or pace to beat that record. Robinson was 127 – 1 in his first 128 fights. He is the best period, any weight, any period, against anyone. Robinson in his prime was the greatest ever.”  Although I think most experts including myself would disagree, I will agree that Robinson was the greatest ever.  Only more fights and time will tell where Floyd will ultimately rank when his career is over.

MMA News / Notes:

–  “Rampage” Jackson has said that he plans to split with the UFC after his 1 fight contract is completed. Jackson said “I think (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva needs to be slapped in the face,” he said. “I’m sorry, (but) you’ve got a fighter like me who likes to go out there and fight fights, so why do you keep giving me wrestlers who are going to take me down and hump me? He then finished by saying to the fans “I’m sorry, but I’m really tired of the UFC.” Whether or not this will happen is still unsure, but as always we will keep you the fans in the loop as this story plays out.

–   On Friday night the UFC on FX premiered the new revamped TUF on FX show. The 3 hour premiere exceeded Dana White and many others expectations drawing over 1.4 million viewers to the show. There were 16 fights on the show, and fans finally got a glimpse into UFC president Dana White’s thoughts on each fight, due in part to the no commentary during the fights. This week’s episode will be at 10pm and run through 11pm for the remainder of the season.

–  Finally, it is looking like the fight fans of the world are going to be getting a real treat over the next 3 months. I am talking about the stacked mma / boxing cards that are scheduled for the months of April, May, and June. There are too many fights to write them all out here, but let’s put it another way, I have never seen so many great fights in successive months like I am seeing over the next 3 months, before. I for one can’t wait. For more opinions, news, and analysis, don’t forget to listen to “The Ultimate Fight Show” this week at a special time 7pm – 8pm Wednesday on ITUNES, Blogtalkradio.com, or at www.ultimatesportstalk.com / The Ultimate Fight Show.

…..Til next week’s blog, I will leave you fight fans with some food for thought…

Question of the Week: 

Is it time for the UFC to bring the best from Strike Force over to compete, or should they continue with the current format that they have in place???

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