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“In This Corner” is a weekly blog by Ultimate Fight Show host LC that gives you the fan, the latest and most accurate up to the minute information from the world of Boxing / MMA.  Whether you are a casual fan of the sport or a die-hard super-fan, “In This Corner” is your one-stop-shop for anything and everything that encompasses the sports of Boxing / MMA.

Last Update:  (03 / 30 / 2012):

Hello to all you fight fans out there from around the globe and welcome to the 3rd blog of “In This Corner” w/ your host LC!!!  I am new to all this blogging stuff, so bare with me over the next few weeks until I can come up with a set format on how to run this weekly blog.  With that in mind, let’s get right into this week’s rumors, facts, and opinions from the world of Boxing / MMA.

Boxing News / Notes:

–  Earlier in the week boxing lost one of its oldest and greatest ambassadors of the sweet science when Bert Randolph Sugar passed away at the age of 75.  “The Hat” will always be remembered for his fedora along with a cigar in his mouth look, but Sugar was the author of over 80 books on boxing, making him one of the greatest historians on the subject that the world had ever known.  I remember listening to Mr. Sugar when I was a teenager on the television describing the “Thrilla in Manila”, the final and arguably the greatest heavyweight prize fight in history by saying:

“Someday, when ring historians gather ’round boxing’s smoldering campfire to tell stories of great fights, going all the way back to the time when spectators wore grapes in their hair and the lions ate the losers, one fight from that long laundry list will be remembered as having been one of the greatest two-sided fights in boxing history: Ali-Frazier III.” –Bert Sugar.

 Ali won the fight by a technical knockout as Frazier was not allowed by trainer Eddie Futch to answer the bell for the 15th and final round as Sugar so poetically recalled by saying:

“Everyone who knew Joe Frazier knew that, as a warrior, he would not rescue himself. Someone else would have to do that for him. That someone was his trainer, Eddie Futch, who said to his beaten fighter, “Joe, I’m going to stop it.” Frazier, who could have retired earlier without any criticism, tried to plead with Futch, but to no avail as Futch cut off his gloves, saying as he did, “Sit down, son…it’s all over. Nobody will ever forget what you did here today.”

“And nobody ever will. For the two combatants had staged one of the greatest two-sided fights in boxing history, leaving their footprints in the sands of time. For all time”.  Much like you did Mr. Sugar, leaving your words and observations for us to read over for all-time. You will be missed………. (10count)

–  On Saturday night in San Antonio, Texas, Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik will reappear in the squared circle looking to begin anew down that long road toward another championship.  His opponent will be Aaron Jaco (15 – 2 – 5KO) in a 10 round super-middleweight bout (168pounds).  This will mark only the 3rd time Pavlik (37 – 2 – 32KO), has fought above 160 pounds, going 1 – 1 with a win vs. Taylor, and a loss to Hopkins.  This fight will also mark the first professional fight in which highly acclaimed trainer Robert Garcia will be in his corner.  Pavlik who is originally from Youngstown, Ohio, has long battled addiction to alcohol which had caused many of the problems in Pavlik’s life.  Garcia told Pavlik to move to California to train with him, and we will see the fruits of that labor on Saturday night in Texas.  I expect Pavlik to summon his inner “Ghost” and knock Jaco out in the 7th round.

–  ”Face Off with Max Kellerman: Mayweather/Cotto” debuts Tuesday (HBO, 8:45 p.m. ET/PT with multiple replays). Moderated by Kellerman, “Face Off” offers an often-gripping interview session in which the two fighters answer Kellerman’s questions while sitting face-to-face. They also have an opportunity to address each other.  HBO is also doing something special for you the fan. Along with their critically acclaimed 24 / 7 series that will feature Mayweather / Cotto, they also had the fans vote for their favorite Mayweather / Cotto fight to be aired on HBO.  The votes are in and on April 27th at 10pm HBO2 will replay Mayweather’s stellar 2001 victory against the late Diego Corrales, a fight in which Mayweather dropped Corrales five times en route to retaining his junior lightweight title via 10th-round knockout; Mayweather-Corrales will be followed by Cotto’s 2007 welterweight title defense against Shane Mosley, in which Cotto won a tight, hard-fought decision.  Should be an exciting prelude to their May 5th showdown.

MMA News / Notes:

–  The UFC / Strikeforce organization has fired King Mo Lawal after his failing of a drug test resulted in the commission changing his knockout win over Larenz Larkin on Jan. 7th, to a no contest.  This prompted Lawal to tweet his feelings on the matter and even bring up some racially-charged accusations on the matter.  Dana White then issued the statement that Mo Lawal would no longer be fighting for the company and would be responsible for the $37,000 dollar fine.  Hard way for a “king” to fall if you ask me.

–   The rematch we all have been waiting for is finally here!!! UFC 147, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 23rd, Anderson Silva will defend his UFC Middleweight title against the very man who pushed him to the brink the last time, Chael Sonnon.  This is without a doubt, the biggest fight in the history of the UFC.  Stay tuned to The Ultimate Fight Show for more on this fight as the date approaches.

–  Finally, it is looking like the fight fans of the world are going to be getting a real treat over the next 3 months. I am talking about the stacked mma / boxing cards that are scheduled for the months of April, May, and June. There are too many fights to write them all out here, but let’s put it another way, I have never seen so many great fights in successive months like I am seeing over the next 3 months before. I for one can’t wait.

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…..Til next week’s blog, I will leave you fight fans with some food for thought…

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