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Adam McQuaide April 4, 2012 Comments Off on TUF LIVE – My Thoughts

MMA New Arrivals

I have loved the UFC and MMA since the Gracie days and when TUF show premiered on Spike-TV, it gave a lot of my friends a reason to start watching MMA. I  believe TUF has played a major role in getting the sport to where it is today.  This “reality” show concept was great for my demographic at the time (college years)…No alternative life styles being showcased or drama filled attention whores looking for their 15 minuets of fame, this was a show for guys, plus you got to watch a couple of fellas beat each other up on free TV, which is never a bad thing….

This season TUF (whatever season number this is), I will admit, I have not watched a single episode.  The previous seasons of “The Ultimate Fighter”, was on Thursday nights, which was perfect.  The lady of the house would watch some medical drama; I go to the other room and watch a MMA reality show.  Plus, with new episodes of TUF being on Thursday, it’s a nice way to start the end of the work week.

The move to FX and Friday night is a bad mix.  No, I didn’t take the time to dig up the ratings, but I’ll assure you they are down.  My peer group isn’t sitting at home on Friday night waiting for 10 minuets of MMA action.  This program needs to be put back into a mid-week time slot.  Also mixing up the current formula wouldn’t hurt. I’d rather see more fighting than training and coaches challenges.  Shorten the season, showcase a rivalry or a key story from the house and make it a point to show more of the fighting!


To wrap this up, I am looking forward to Cruz vs. Faber 3, these two will surely put on a great fight for the fans. In the mean time, if I happen to get sick on a Friday night or my plans completely fall through, maybe I’ll tune into TUF Live.




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