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 Ultimate Sports Talk – Mr Main Event’s WrestleMania Weekend!

Mr Main Event’s WrestleMania Weekend!

Brian Waters April 5, 2012 Comments Off on Mr Main Event’s WrestleMania Weekend!

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When it comes to Miami, you cannot help but think of hot women, fast cars, and of course South Beach. However for Mr Main Event Miami meant one thing, finally achieving a dream of a life time to attend WrestleMania. This weekend was the best weekend of my life. Allow me to take you through the journey

Friday, WrestleMania Superstore and WrestleMania Axxess
WrestleMania Superstore was a dream for any die hard fan. Located right inside Sun Life Stadium, this store had everything that you could purchase on you could get right away free of tax and shipping. On this day I purchased a WrestleMania T-Shirt with the entire card on the back and my other favorite belt of all time the WWF Winged Eagle.
For years I have been waiting to attend this event. Seeing it on television each year made me long for the day I would be able to walk inside the building. Next to WrestleMania itself this is what I was looking forward to the most.
As I walked in there were huge posters throughout the Miami Convention Center of the biggest stars in the WWE. Since this was an opportunity for Mr Main Event to rise to superstar status, it was very important that I took my belts with me. I took my WWE Attitude Era title, the Intercontinental Championship and my new WWF Winged Eagle title.

The first thing I did was take a picture in front of simulated ring ropes against the wall. Now when you are Mr Main Event, one thing that is important is showing the world why you are who you are. What better way to do then to have a ring entrance. The list of themes were limited therefore I chose to come out to CM Punk’s theme music. I must say it was awesome to be able to do that. Next thing I did was stand in line for about 20 minutes to meet David Otunga. I must say he was very cool. He noticed my belts and even my championship rings. He also told me to tweet him in the picture. After the event I noticed he tweeted the picture with the two of us after his cousin took the picture with Otungas phone. There were so many cool things to do at Axxess including meeting Dolph Ziggler who would raise ever Spinner Championship or World Heavyweight Championship and ask the fans what did they think. Of course the crowd popped. But my favorite event of the night was after 25 years of my life, I finally had the opportunity to get in a ring. Of course there was a lot of bumble foam to prevent anyone from hurting themselves, but it was a lot of fun in addition to be able to touch the ropes. WrestleMania Axxess was so much fun, and everyone needs to experience it. Due to the fact that Mike Knoxxx and myself had a total of 12 belts, fans were constantly asking us for pictured. When we meet up with G-Lo and Nephew Corey of Tha Firm, and Perfect Plex Talk Radio theme artist Fred Knuxxx that haves us more belts than Ric Flair.

After the event I had an opportunity to be interviewed by Smack Talk Radio. During the interview we discussed the upcoming Cena-Rock match as well as the reason I had a lot of belts. The interview was great look for it on YouTube. After the festivities I took a ride down South Beach only to see Sean “X-PAC” Waltman and Billy Gunn on the strip chilling.

Saturday WrestleMania Superstore and Hall of Fame
Saturday was a trip back to the Superstore. On this day I decided to purchase a plaque with a ticket holder. I also purchased the Miz new t-shirt.

Hall of Fame is a ceremony like no other. Usually when you have to attend these ceremonies you listen to a bunch of stories you could care less about. But what is better than listening your favorite wrestlers talk about their experiences in the business. There was no story better than JBL inducting Ron Simmons. His stories had so much passion far as Simmons was concerned and it really expressed their friendship.
After leaving the ceremony I went near the hotels in which they were staying and as I was about to leave the area, I ran into NXT’s own Titus O’Neil and he was a real class act.

WrestleMania Sunday
As I woke up, I began to shed a few tears as this was not only the first WrestleMania I was able to attend, but this was the first one without my Uncle Mike. So I had my outfits prepared. My USA Team Bring Shirt for the parking lot and my WrestleMania XXVIII shirt with John Cena and The Rock on the cover.
As time approached the 1 o’clock hour I knew it was time to arrive to Sun Life Stadium. After entering the stadium parking lot, there were a lot of other fans who had the same idea. During this time, Mike Knoxxx and myself decided to gather some fans and do interviews regarding their predictions.

We were later joined by Tha Firm and we shot a lot of entertaining video footage. One thing that was very entertaining was Docta D’s definition of a mark. Be sure to check this out on YouTube. As time moved on everyone spread their belts outside on the ground to show that The Network and Tha Firm joined together as The Summit Wrestling Roundtable would have more belts combined than any group in Sun Life Stadium. As time began to approach the 6 PM mark, the news crew for News 4 Miami were out and as soon as they saw the RoundTable taking pictures with every fan who asked, they asked if they could interview us. This was a cool experience.
Then came time to do what I have been waiting a life time for. Entering WrestleMania. As I entered Sun Life Stadium, the chants began “Let’s Go Cena, Cena Sucks,” then there was “Rocky” and newest and perhaps most popular, “YES YES YES YES.”. This is prior to arriving to my seat. I arrived at my seat at a out 6:15and just soaked everything in. “I am at WrestleMania” kept running through my head. After sitting awhile I decided to get up and walk around taking pictures of the arena and gathering pictures from different locations. So as the time approached for the dark match I retrieved to my seat. Shouts out to Charlie Speed who selected the seats in section 127. They were incredible. I had a wonderful view for my first WrestleMania.

As the intro hit, the entire stadium was on their feet. As soon as the announcement of the World Title Match happened I began taking picture of the entrances. While Daniel Bryan was kissing A.J. I decided to take my seat. Now having three belts in your hand, you cannot just sit down. Once I finally had everything settled, I heard a cheer, then I heard the referee hit the mat 1-2-3 and the bell rang, Sheamus was the New World Heavyweight Champion. 18 seconds, come on I began thinking. Is entrance was longer than the match.
The first match that took my voice and had my heart racing was that of Triple H and the Undertaker. If there was a doubt in my mind as to where i was after experiencing the heat of The Undertaker’s entrance, I knew it was WrestleMania. These two put on an epic performance. Being in the stadium that night compares to nothing else. As Undertaker hit the final tombstone the entire place irrupted and it was official, he was 20-0 at WrestleMania. Then to see the class act of the Undertaker Triple H, and Shawn Michaels each raise their hands and hug at the end made it an official ending of an era.

Prior to the main event, the Funkasourus Brodus Clay came to stage and Told everyone to grab their phones and call someone’s mamma. I immediately pulled my phone out and did so. My mom was happy, even though she does not know who Clay is nonetheless I had an opportunity for a mark out moment.
Now time for the main event of the ending, the match we have all been waiting for, the reason that Sun Life Stadium set a new record of 78,363 fans, John Cena vs The Rock.

Before arriving to my seat, I saw a sign that stated, if Cena wins, we riot and for a while I thought it may be true. As Cena approached the ring, he was greeted by hellacious boos, while The Rock was cheered by his hometown crowd. Throughout the match the crowd was split 55/45 in favor of The Rock. But when The Rock finished Cena with a Rock Bottom and referee Mike Chioda hands hit the mat for a three count, the entire Sun Life Stadium shook as The Rock had defeated John Cena. I do not know how the match came off on television, but as a fan, it was my favorite match in my 25 years of being a fan.

After leaving the arena The Summit Wrestling Roundtable were able to do a post show. And their was a mutual love for WrestleMania 28.

Monday Night Raw
After being live at the hottest WrestleMania, what better way to follow up then to attend Monday Night Raw. On this night fans expected a victory celebration by The Rock. However fans, disappointed that Daniel Bryan lost his title in 18 seconds made it very clear by chanting YES throughout the night. They were even chanting in line waiting for the American Airlines Arena to open. On this night, while The Rock celebrated his victory, John Cena made an attempt to accept his defeat as a man, until he was greeted by the returning Brock Lesnar. As Cena attempted to extend a handshake, Lesnar delivered his infamous F-5 and the crowd went crazy. The live broadcast ended right here.

But as promised the fans were treated with a main event dark match featuring, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and Kane vs Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus. Throughout the match, Sheamus was constantly booed as he was earlier during the night. In the end it was Bryan falling to defeat if Sheamus. After Sheamus celebrated, fans resumed pouring the YES chants. As Bryan rose to his feat, he immediately told A.J. To leave the arena and then he told everyone how after having the worse match of his career, the chants made him feel better and perhaps this would convince them to let him have another t-shirt. He finished off by saying that if he gets another shirt, everyone better buy it. From the conclusion of this weekend, Daniel Bryan is more popular than he has ever been since arriving to the WWE.
After Monday Night Raw, I took a trip down to South Beach and went to this club called the Clevelanders. Throughout the night, there were so many wrestling fans all over the place while the DJ was playing pop and R&B music, fans were chanting YES more than dancing to the music. Who would have saw this coming?

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