Who should replace Overeem at UFC 146

Adam McQuaide April 11, 2012 Comments Off on Who should replace Overeem at UFC 146

Alistair Overeem
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This topic is flooding the MMA world, in all likelihood Alistair Overeem will be booted from the main event due to his failed drug test.  Overeem tested positive for extremely high testosterone, no surprise to this guy or anyone with a brain.  See below:


The Demolition Man at 205


I know fighters can bulk up, but going from a cut 205 to someone who looks like they belong in a comic book, let’s get serious…


Now on to the potential replacements, here is a list who I’d like to see in the main event at UFC 146


1) Dan Henderson: Sure he fights at 205 or 185, but he’s fought at heavyweight, most recently in Strikeforce (July 2011) against Fedor Emelianenko.  Henderson KO’d him.  Junior Dos Santos is a far superior striker to that of Fedor however, Henderson is battle tested and one of the all time greats.  He’s asking for a title shot; why wait until Jones vs. Evans plays out or even worst, waiting until Sonnen and Silva finish their feud. If anyone has a puncher’s chance against JDS, it’s Dan Henderson and his right hand aka “The H-Bomb”. Make it happen!

2) Frank Mir:  I do like the match up of Mir vs. Velasquez, but Mir is on a tear.  Speaking of tear, you know his confidence is at an all time high after tearing Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s arm in half at UFC 140.  Through I doubt a fight between Mir and Dos Santos would last long, it would be entertaining and if any heavyweight deserves a shot, it’s Frank Mir.

3) Mark Hunt: The super Samoan has been gaining a huge cult-like following on social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook.  His record, 8-7 isn’t title shot worthy, but a bulk of those losses were via submission.  I highly doubt JDS will try to submit Hunt as a stand up war is far too tempting.  Hunt has a chin made of cast iron, he’s taken two Mirko Cro Cop high kicks to the dome and kept coming.  He’s defeated Wanderlei Silva during his reign of terror in Pride.  If Dana White and the UFC wants to really win some fans, they’ll grant Hunt a chance to take some punches at UFC 146

4) Josh Barnett:  Barnett is the best heavyweight the “mainstream” fans do not know about.  He’s been around for what seems ages.  He’s fought the best, minus the Fedor fiasco during the Affliction MMA days.  He poses a treat to JDS standing (not that he can KO him) but can do enough to get inside and work this clinch and ground game, where I believe he has the advantage.  Only problem with this scenario is, The WarMaster is set to face Daniel Cormier at the Stikeforce Grand Prix finals – like anyone is going to watch that.

5) Cain Velasquez :  Yep, JDS planted his fist to the side of Cain’s head and that was it, all of about 2 mins.  However, other fighters were granted rematches under weaker conditions.  I just don’t like Cain coming off surgery facing a KO machine.  If Cain replacing Overeem, I think he’ll put up a better fight, though I see the same result – a Dos Santos KO.


Who did I miss? Don’t say Fedor!

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