Get the Abs You Want! – Standing Ab Exercises

Ultimate Sports Talk February 17, 2013 Comments Off on Get the Abs You Want! – Standing Ab Exercises

One of the major complaints about abdominal exercises is that it typically involves getting on the floor, lifting your torso and causing stress on your lower back.  Millions of people allow this pain to distract them from the opportunity to actually achieve a quality Ab workout.  The solution … ?

Standing Ab Exercises

The biggest benefit that standing ab exercises has over lying ab exercises is that there is a lesser risk of injury. Ab moves that are performed on the floor are not always done correctly. The basic crunch, for example, requires you to lift your neck and shoulders up off of the ground. The majority of people that perform this move, unless they have a trainer, do it wrong. They hold on to their neck and pull it up in order to get themselves off of the ground. This isn’t going to work the abs and it will strain your neck. During standing moves, you don’t have this problem. It is much easier to control your neck and shoulders in a standing ab move then it is on the floor.

Another big benefit is the effectiveness of each exercise. When you are performing moves on the floor, you can only go so far. A perfect example of this is a twisting move. When you twist, say during a Russian twist, you have to stop when your hands hit the floor meaning you can only go so far. If you were to twist standing up, you would be able to get a larger range of motion, working more of the muscles. Don’t get me wrong, the Russian twist is an excellent move and should not be neglected for any reason, it just doesn’t allow you to go as far as you can during a standing move.

Also, exercises that are done on the floor sometimes involve the legs way more than they should. A lot of people tend to use their hip flexors rather than their abs. (Your hip flexors are located in the front of your thigh!) Many people also tend to use their hands as well to perform some moves. During a sit up, a lot of people swing their arms out in front of them in order to get their body off of the floor. If you are doing that, you’re not really working the abs because you are using your arms to get up. While performing a reverse crunch, people tend to press their palms down on the floor. This also isn’t going to work the abs effectively.

So you can see that there are many downfalls to working your abs on the floor. Working your abs standing will make sure you do a safe and effective workout. If you aren’t convinced that you can get a successful ab workout standing up, perform these moves the next time you work your abs.

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