WWE: New title belt

Natalie La'Ticia February 18, 2013 Comments Off on WWE: New title belt


Finally… The WWE title has a new face. The WWE spinner belt has long since worn out its stay. Since John Cena changed the belt many hardcore fans felt that it lost the prestige that it once carried. the WWE spinner belt was seen as a mere toy compared to it former glory of the old WWF title belt. Although Cena is still seen as the face of the company by many fans, his official status has long since dropped. CM Punk once made the promise to change the the WWE title belt and after over 400+ day the belt remained the same. The Rock has come back and regained his glory as the peoples champ with a bang. After beating CM punk at two pay per views in a row, The Rock unveiled the new WWE title belt at tonight’s Raw. The belt with a very simple design only displays the WWE logo and the word “Championship” across the bottom, a small emblem of the Brahma Bull on the side but nothing special. It is obvious that the creativity department was out to lunch when this belt was designed.  There’s not even a place for the Champion’s name plate. The WWE universe cried for a new belt and this is what we were given.   In my opinion it is a tad better then the spinner, however  it  fails in comparison to the original title belt.

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