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 Ultimate Sports Talk – Celebrity Fitness Fads 2013 – Get fit the glamorous way!

Celebrity Fitness Fads 2013 – Get fit the glamorous way!

Ultimate Sports Talk February 20, 2013 Comments Off on Celebrity Fitness Fads 2013 – Get fit the glamorous way!

Article written by Guest Author Sofiya Rosy.

As the solemnly swore New Year’s resolutions begin to wear off, you realize that you can’t stand another day with the same old gym equipments and the boring exercise routines. Falling into a fitness rut can lead to a serious lack of motivation and fitness is something you need to be passionate about. If you feel weary and need a change of scenery in the fitness department, try something straight out of the glamorous lives of celebrities- quirky and fun ways to maintain a gorgeous body and having fun along the way!

So, here’s a list of the latest celebrity fitness fadS that are sure to get you hooked while you burn away all those awful love-handles!

  • Bal-lates

Bal-lates is a form of exercise that combines the sculpting and stretching of Pilates with the grace and balance of Ballet! Bal-lates is the perfect way to improve your posture and get that lean, slender ballerina body. Stretch and dance your way to getting the enviable Natalie Portman’s Black Swan body.

  • Gravity defying yoga

This technique created by a former gymnast, combines traditional yoga with acrobatics, gymnastics, Pilates and calisthenics. Dangling from an inversion swing and defying Newton’s laws while working out is something that is sure to keep you hooked. It is an integrated regime that gives you the balance and flexibility of yoga along with improved coordination and the unrivalled fun elements thrown in makes it an absolute win-win!

  • Piloxing

This grueling and high-energy workout is right in the top 5 fitness routines of Hollywood A-listers. A blend of Pilates and boxing- this workout is sure to get those endorphins up and kicking! The weighted gloves that you need to use here will serve in toning your arms and improving your cardiovascular health. As the Piloxing wave continues to sweep the world, join in to have your share of the fun and strenuous workout regime!

  • Bollywood dance classes

Bollywood dance moves are well–known for the vigorous hip-shaking, jumping, twisting and squatting. Popular hindi songs blaring in the background with you gyrating to the mesmerizing beats-you’ll burn thousands of calories without even noticing! Enroll yourself with a group of your best buddies and you’ll end up having a blast of a time all the way to a Malaika Arora Khan body!

  • Hula-hooping

Remember that game you played as a child? Balancing the hula loop around your waist as you twist and turn round and round? Hula loop your way to a toned and sleek waist as you re-visit your favorite childhood pastime! From Michelle Obama, Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Ellen Degeneres to Beyonce Knowles- Hula looping has come back in a really big way and is here to stay.

Staying fit has never been more fun and adventurous! Break away from the routine and monotony of traditional workouts. Follow in the footsteps of your favorite celebrity and say hello to your new glamorous, fit and sparkly self! More detail visit my website

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