What Fans Want to See at Wrestlemania 29

Ultimate Sports Talk February 27, 2013 Comments Off on What Fans Want to See at Wrestlemania 29


Wrestlemania is the where the year-long rivalries clash and form wrestling’s mega-event. This is where unknowns like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker and Bret “Hitman” Hart became legends of wrestling entertainment. It all boils down to wrestling greatest event Wrestlemania where the wrestlers give it their all to get a shot at glory.

Undoubtedly Wrestlemania is wrestling’s mega-event on par with the Super Bowl where things hit boiling point. The best train hard to proudly wield wrestling’s biggest prize around their waist and give their loyal fans something to cheer about. If history is anything to go by then Wrestlemania 29 promises to be the sporting spectacle of the year. The mother of all Pay-Per-Events is renowned for featuring mind-numbing high-flying matches that seem to defy belief, and are best experienced live. Just ask any diehard fan who had previously bought WWE Tickets and saw the event live from the stands amid pyrotechnics, heavy metal music and not to mention thousands of screaming fans.

Road to Wrestlemania 29 has already begun and this year’s event promises to be bigger and badder than all previous editions. The storylines are beginning to take shape and it’s only a matter of time before wrestlers are booked into their respective matches. Fans, however, want to see their favorite wrestlers go head to head against each other.

Here’s a look at some of the matchups which, if they occur, will truly make Wrestlemania 29 spectacular:

Heyman vs. McMahon

This one would be a classic bad meets evil match. Both men have an intriguing rivalry going on currently and things have been heating up as of late between the evil boss and the walrus. McMahon is the boss everyone loves to hate while Heyman is just down right annoying. Both men would love to get a shot at each other and that is what fans are hoping will happen.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger has made a triumphant return to the WWE by winning the Elimination Chamber. Armed with his patriotic and intimidating personality, not to mention his in ring ability, Swagger has his eyes set on the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.

Punk vs. Cena

Cena has given Punk another shot at Wrestlemania to face the Rock. Cena and Punk will square off to decide who’ll face the Great One to get a shot at the WWE Championship belt at Wrestlemania 29. By the looks of it, it seems that the WWE isn’t done with Punk’s role in Cena vs. Rock feud and the main event to determine WWE champion can turn out to be a triple threat match.

Cena vs. Rock

This one would be a repeat of last year’s matchup which saw the people’s champ emerge as victorious over C-Nation leader John Cena. If Cena vs. Rock happens it will once again beat ratings records and will be the most important thing to happen to Wrestlemania since Cena vs. Rock last year’s edition.

Regardless of what matches take place this year one thing is for certain. Wrestlemania 29 will be one for the history books and shouldn’t be missed by people looking to experience a new kind of entertainment.

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