Improve Your Spring Swing with New Golf Fashion

David Bryce March 6, 2013 Comments Off on Improve Your Spring Swing with New Golf Fashion

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Fashion in the golfing world has come a long way since the era of slacks and polo shirts. Wait… it hasn’t? Seriously? They’re still wearing polo shirts and khakis? Well even so, golfers have always been known to dress up when they’re getting down on the links.


Solid colors or horizontal stripes are still very much in, with brighter colors like hot pink (for real men) or orange seeing a rise in popularity. Thick, bold stripes have been more dominate than the classic thin stripes, especially with a bright contrasting color on a neutral background. Heavy cotton fabrics have given way to synthetics or blends which allow for more comfort and flexibility on hot summer courses.


For the more traditional player, the solid slacks is the dominate style. Recreational players and kids frequently use shorts, especially in the heat of summer. Plaid designs are popular in both cuts for many players, but be careful if you’re trying to match a striped polo with plaid legwear; safer to go with a solid bottom in that case. As with shirts, bright colors are becoming more popular. Especially due to pros like Rickie Fowler who frequently sports extremely bright coordinating outfits on the tour.


With more courses banning metal cleats you could be feeling the pressure to buy a new pair of cleats. Luckily there is an immense range of options to choose from. Traditional players can opt for more of a dressier, classic look while progressive or recreational players can choose from an assortment of golf cleats that resemble sneakers. Or get a few pairs and dress up or down depending on the course and group you’re going with.


The clubs you’re swinging are starting to be designed with… well with design in mind rather than just function. Take a look at Bubba Watson’s bright pink drivers if you don’t believe it. Whole lines of clubs are colored to match bags or apparel in the same line. The thought apparently being if you don’t know what you’re doing you can still look like you do.


Are you sick of chasing around a little white ball? Well feel free to pick your favorite color and let it rip. I suggest refraining from choosing dull colors, or camouflage for that matter. Bright colors help immensely if you golf in the fall when fallen leaves can look a lot like a white golf ball or if you brave the elements and frost or mist is covering the course. A variety of balls geared towards women features hot pink, glitter, and metallic surfaces as well.


Golf bags are designed mainly for function since they’re either being carried or strapped to a cart. Players who are aware of the elements look for bags that will protect their personal items like cellphones and wallets if they get caught in the rain. Players looking for exercise should focus on light bags with an extendable tripod design will help save your back for the back nine.

A number of accessories such as watches, hats, visors, and belts are available that are all tailored for golf players. While lowering your score might be your number one priority, looking good while you do it can increase your confidence as you tee up.