Booker T deserves every bit of his Hall of Fame Induction

Eron Ramadanov March 21, 2013 Comments Off on Booker T deserves every bit of his Hall of Fame Induction

Booker T HOF

The WWE Hall of Fame has caught a lot of crap over the years, where many have criticized how legit it actually is. With guys like Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, and Randy Savage not being in it, but this year, WWE has made huge steps in turning those critics, the other way around on their feelings about the Hall of Fame. With Bruno Sammartino as the headliner, and other headlining worthy inductees going in as well like Mick Foley, and Bob Backlund, I think the WWE Hall of Fame is just one step away from being 100% percent legit (Randy Savage).

But the addition of Booker T I felt was an absolute wonderful choice from Vince McMahon, and the WWE. He is one of the most underrated superstars in WWE history, as he could do it all. He had the ability to be one of the headliners at big PPVs like his match with Triple H at WrestleMania 19 for the World Heavyweight Championship. He could play the baby face, that you couldn’t help cheer for, and love to watch in the ring, but on the other side, he could be King Booker, and make you hate his guts.

He of course is the 5-time WCW World Champion, and was WCW’s top stars in the 90s, and early 2000s. He was also a 10 time Tag Team Champion with his brother Stevie Ray, as they formed the famous tag team in WCW called “Harlem Heat”. In WWE, he was a 3 time United States Champion, 2 time Hardcore Champion, 3 time Tag Team Champion, and 2006 King of the Ring. He has a laundry list of accolades, and achievements.

He left WWE for a brief time period, and went over to their competition TNA Impact Wrestling, where he was TNA Legends Champion, and TNA World Tag Team Champion as well. He also wrestled in Mexico and Puerto Rico for a little while. He was IWA World Heavyweight Champion in that company.

He then returned to WWE in January of 2011, where he came back in the Royal Rumble match where he created a huge pop, and was a huge surprise. He at first came back to be a full time wrestler, and had a feud with Cody Rhodes for a little while. He then went on to be on Friday Night SmackDown as the color commentator, with Josh Mathews, and Michael Cole. WWE and Vince McMahon were not comfortable about him at the booth, and was later moved from the table to the backstage role as SmackDown General Manager.

He can now add WWE Hall of Famer to his long list of accolades, and he will be “spinning” his way into MSG, to be inducted as one of this year’s Hall of Famers.

By Eron Ramadanov
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