Should WWE bring back Ken Shamrock?

Eron Ramadanov March 29, 2013 Comments Off on Should WWE bring back Ken Shamrock?

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In a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio, former WWE superstar, and MMA fighter Ken Shamrock had the following to say about a possible return to the WWE:

“Oh, definitely. I’ve tried to reach out, but I’ve been hitting some
walls. I’m not sure if my messages are getting through or not. In my career, if you follow my career and watched everything that I’ve ever done from the time I was in high school to where I’m at now, I’ve always been able to reach the pinnacle. In football, I was able to win championships and go to bowl games in college, be an All-American linebacker and there were a lot of things I was able to accomplish. In my professional career, every time I jumped into an organization, I always reached the top and the title. I know with NWA with Jeff Jarrett, TNA, I was their first heavyweight champion, so I was able to reach that pinnacle. With Pancrase, I was their first champion and was also able to bring it to the U.S. using my character. I also reached the level in the UFC as a heavyweight champion, one of the first of all time, also rookie of the year, fighter of the year. I got into pro wrestling, I’ve got tag team champion, Intercontinental champion, King of the Ring. There were several times where I wished I had got that opportunity, and probably should have had that opportunity, to at least challenge for the Heavyweight Championship belt. I never got that opportunity, and I’m not sure why, but it is what it is. I will keep fighting to try and get that opportunity and close this thing up to be probably one of the only persons in sports history to go into several different organizations and become world champion in every one of them.”

When I went back and listened to the interview, which was conducted very well, I really felt like Ken Shamrock was being truthful about reaching out the WWE, and I think WWE has kept their ears open to maybe bringing the MMA fighter in. Now I am not sure how I feel about bringing in the now at the age of 49 years old Shamrock, to be a part timer, or even full time WWE superstar.

Now the questions remains that is it worth while for WWE to bring in Ken Shamrock?

As much as I want to like this idea, from a business aspect of things, I think it does nothing for the WWE. Will anyone go out of their way to watch WWE programming to see the return of Ken Shamrock… maybe. But I don’t believe he should get the spot in the main event or mid-card picture more than guys like Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, The Miz, etc. As a die hard, IWC wrestling fan, and as cool as it would be to see the “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” back in the WWE, I don’t think from the WWE’s side of things, it has enough to offer.

But for the sake of this conversation, lets say WWE decides to bring in Shamrock. What does he have to offer to the WWE? Can he still wrestle at a top level? Does he expect to be World Heavyweight Champion or even WWE Champion? I don’t know. But the only way we can find out is for the WWE to pull the trigger on this, which I doubt they will.

For the full audio of the Ken Shamrock interview with “RING RUST RADIO” you can click on the link below.–march-26

By Eron Ramadanov
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