The Top 25 Best in TNA Impact Wrestling

Eron Ramadanov May 20, 2013 Comments Off on The Top 25 Best in TNA Impact Wrestling

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In TNA right now there is a lot of talent, and many don’t know whose the best overall. Well, That’s why I’m here. Before we do that, let me tell you what I am ranking it on:

  • Microphone Skills
  • In-Ring Work
  • Fan Appeal
  • Performances
  • Overall Likeability

This list that I constructed took about one month to get together, and really hammer down my top 25. Alot of time went into this list, and I hope you enjoy!

25. TIE- Wes Brisco & Garrett Bischoff

Another gut check winner is on my top 30 list here. Brisco is one of the members of the Aces & Eights, and we don’t see much of him in singles matches, but what we have seen, hasn’t been great. He is a decent wrestler, and his microphone skills are not good by any means. The only reason that he is even on my list is because of the last name. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he will get better being around guys like Angle, Bully Ray, etc. backstage. Similar to Brisco, Garrett has a similar spot, and I think that he has a lot of potential, but he hasn’t lived up to the billing yet. He is an average wrestler, and decent microphone work, but similar to Brisco, we haven’t seen too much of him in the ring. We’ll have to wait and see.

24. Eric Young

IT’S SHOWTIME! EY is one of the most unique wrestlers in the company, and his relationship with ODB is hilarious. His in ring work is good, and he reminds me of Y2J in WWE. Someone who is a veteran of the company, who comes around here or there, and puts on good matches. He is better than many think, and I think that he is a pretty good piece to the TNA puzzle.

23. D.O.C.

The bruiser of the Aces & Eights is one of few in the group that you might actually be afraid of if you ran into him in the streets. DOC is a pretty good wrestler, and his microphone, and promo work is pretty good, and I think he is underrated as a performer for TNA. He does a lot of little things for the Aces & Eights, that many don’t notice, and I am a big supporter that the little things matter more than anything.

22. Rob Terry

TNA continues to build up Rob Terry as a monster, and they think that he can be similar to Ryback in WWE. He is no doubt a monster, and he can use his strength in the ring, and has the look to be a destructive wrestler in TNA. He has no microphone skills what so ever, but he is doing a lot for what he’s got.

21. Robbie E

If you want to talk about a one sided gimmick, Robbie E is your guy. He has been able to make something out of nothing. When TNA gave him this gimmick, he was able to use it, and made it work. His in ring work is good, and he does the little things that like I said, matter tremendously to me.

20. Chris Saban

After an amazing comeback from multiple ACL injures, he is now right back in the thick of things for the X-Division championship, and he looks amazing in the ring since his return to TNA. He is an amazing in ring worker, and is willing to do anything for the fans and TNA. His microphone skills are below average, but he is a fan favorite, and he is one of the best in TNA.

19. Chavo Guerrero

Hailing from one of the most historic families in wrestling history, and he is one of the most respected wrestler in TNA. He has been at the top everywhere he’s been, and I have tremendous respect for his work. In the ring, he is good, and works well with a tag team partner. His promo work isn’t the best, and it is uncomfortable at times, but he is one of the best in TNA, and he has deserved everything he’s gotten in the world of pro wrestling.

18. Hernandez

One of the most unique wrestlers in TNA history is number 18 on my list. He has the strength, and talent to be one of the best in TNA. He can use multiple wrestling styles, and he has one of the best move sets in TNA. The 6-time World Tag Team Champion is a great in ring talent, but he has never really been asked to cut a promo on a consistent basis, and he isn’t the best on the microphone. But he is one of the best in the ring in TNA.

17. Kenny King

The current X-Division champion has come from the bottom of the roster, and I am surprised to how far he has come. He is doing a good job as the X-Division champion, and won it from one of the best high flyers in wrestling history in RVD, who is no longer with the company. His gimmick is good, and different. His in ring work is good, and he will continue to get better.

16. Devon

One half of one of the best if not the best tag teams in pro wrestling history, in Team 3D, has now become one of the best singles competitors in TNA. His work is so underrated in the ring, and his promo work is pretty good. Devon is the longest reigning TNA Television Champion in the title’s history. Funny thing is he never lost it, and his reign ended at 192 days. He is one of the best wrestlers in TNA, and he almost makes my top 15.

15. Magnus

When debuting in 2009 with the British Invasion, which included Doug Williams. They were one of the best tag teams at the time. He came from a “nobody” tag team wrestler, to now being one of the most popular superstar among the IWC, and the TNA fans. Many feel that he should be pushed to the top of the card, and in the main event title picture. I respectfully disagree, but that is something for a different day. I think he is pretty good in the ring, but his promos need work. For some odd reason, I am just not as high on him as others. But this is my opinion, so that it for what it’s worth.

14. Mr. Anderson

Ever since arriving in TNA, Mr. Anderson has been one of my favorite talents in the locker room. His character’s ego, and loud mouth was amazing, and his ability to make you hate him was unreal. He is now kind of stuck in this Aces & Eights storyline, and I feel like they are just recently using him much better. Anderson from the start should have been one of the leaders, and I think he should be the Stg. At arms instead of Devon, where I thought Devon should be the VP, and DLo to be just another member like he is now. But it seems like they might be heading to giving Anderson a leadership position, which I think they should have done in the first place. But I think Mr. Anderson is the total package. He knows how to put on and tell a story, and has some of the best microphone skills in pro wrestling today. Putting him at 14 is no knock to him, but I feel like 1-13 are just better.

13. Matt Morgan

Once again, I am a huge fan of the Blueprint. He has all the tools of being a top baby face or heel in TNA, and he hasn’t really been given the ball to run with. His microphone skills are a little underrated, and I think he can be one of the top guys in TNA. He is good in the ring, and will be able to be a great heel. On TV, he isn’t really in a feud, which TNA does a lot with their wrestlers like James Storm, and others like Morgan. He is now somewhat off TV, as he passed out to Sting in the scorpion deathlock, and his character is now recovering. I think he is one of the best in TNA, and I think if TNA works with him, he can be one of their best.

12. Kazarian

One of the most underrated wrestlers in the sport today, as Kaz is one of my favorites in TNA as well. He is one of the best microphone workers in the company, and he can deliver in the ring. Sadly, he has always been a tag team wrestler, and hasn’t been able to branch out, and compete in singles action, but I think that could come in the near future. His partnership with Daniels is amazing, and he can hook you to the product, just by talking. Bad Influence is one of the biggest reasons why I watch TNA, and I think they are the best tag team in wrestling today, and you can quote me on that. I talk about Daniels in a little bit. Kaz has the ability in the ring to pull off all the moves he wants, and he is a star in TNA. 1

11. Christopher Daniels

Speaking of the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels is one of the best X-Division wrestlers in TNA history, and he has been able to grow into one of the best/funniest/most talented wrestlers in the world today. His personality on TV is amazing, and Bad Influence is tremendous. His microphone skills are great, and he has the ability to hook a crowd just as much as his tag team partner. He is one of the best sellers in TNA, which goes unnoticed at times, and which is really important to the quality of the match itself. Putting Daniels and Kaz at 12 and 13 I think might even be under appreciating them, and maybe then should be in the top 10, but I think you’ll have to read the rest of my list and see what you think.

10. Abyss

The Monster Abyss or Joseph Park, whoever he feels like being that week, is without a doubt in the top ten in TNA right now. He is coming off of his huge return to TNA this past month in May, and we saw him save Sting and Angle from the Aces & Eights. I’ve always had respect for the TNA originals or lifers, like Abyss. He has stuck with TNA, and has been only of their very few big monsters on the roster. He reminds me of Kane in the WWE, where he can be versatile, and works well in the ring. My favorite time from Abyss is when he worked with James Mitchell in the mid 2000s. They were so good together, and it was amazing to see those two work together. Abyss is one of the most underrated wrestlers in TNA, and he is in my top ten.

9. Jeff Hardy

Now, I know that Hardy isn’t the most popular wrestler in the IWC, but you have to give him his props. The guy used to have his personal issues with drugs, and substance abuse, and is now clean, and is one of the biggest stars in wrestling. He is one of the biggest merchandise sellers that TNA has, and I think that he needs some props for that. In the ring, he is willing to do whatever it takes for the fans, and do what it takes to put on a great match. Whether its flying off a 20 foot ladder, or doing a Swanton bomb off the TNA stage, he is always willing to do the unthinkable for the company. His microphone skills aren’t the best, and he has always had a tough time connecting with the fans in an emotional level. He can get them to love him for what he does in the ring, but never for what he says. But like I said, he is without a doubt one of the top guys in TNA, and will always be in the main event picture.

8. Sting

The Icon Sting has given the TNA fans so many great moments like his debut to TNA, his return in 2011 against Jeff Hardy, and so many more, Sting has been able to give the TNA fans a legend who is WCW and TNA through and through. He has always been loyal to TNA, and especially WCW. When World Championship Wrestling was bought by WWE, all the wrestlers, or management people that didn’t go to WWE, went off and created TNA, which Sting became a part of a little later on in the years. He is one of the few that brought legitimacy to TNA, and he will always be a legend for TNA wrestling. Similar to Hardy, the IWC feels that Sting is a tough overrated, and feels he shouldn’t be in the main event spot any longer. I disagree. I understand the man is over 50 years old, but he is a legend, and he has earned the right to go out on his own terms. Plus, TNA feels that they still need him for drawing power. I think his work in the ring is pretty good for his age, and his microphone is at its very best. Early in his WCW days, his mic skills weren’t the best, but he is amazing on the microphone, and cuts amazing promos consistently. That is why Sting is in my top ten.

7. James Storm

If you don’t like where I have the Cowboy then… Sorry about your DAMN LUCK! James Storm is another one of the TNA lifers that seems to be one who has build the company to what it is today. He has gone from just a tag team wrestler with Bobby Roode and Chris Harris, to being a TNA World Champion, and one of the best wrestlers that TNA has grown from the bottom. Storm is currently in the upper main event card, but with no real purpose. I feel like his character was screwed out of a TNA world title run, and was thrown back into nowhere. In the ring, Storm is the best of the best that TNA has to offer, with one of the best finishing moves in wrestling. The Last Call superkick can be hit from anywhere, and it is always impactful, no pun intended. His microphone skills are good, but it seems that at times he is always yelling which fits his character, but it bothers me sometimes. Other than that small blimp, I feel like James Storm is one of the best that TNA has to offer.

6. Samoa Joe

Does anyone else miss when Samoa Joe was one of the scariest wrestlers in TNA… me too. Joe used to be at the top of the roster, but now he, similar to Storm is floating around in the upper-mid card, with no one to work with. He is one of, if not the most talented pound for pound wrestler and worker for TNA, and deserves a little better. His microphone skills aren’t the best, and that is why I have him at number six. His promos are average, and almost always the same thing. His work with Angle was some of the best, and I thought they were able to put on amazing matches. I’d like to see Joe back in the main event spot, but I feel like there are too many others in line right now, and we might not see that for a little bit. But even with that, he is one of the best in TNA, and that is why he is in my top ten.

5. AJ Styles

Get ready to fly! AJ Styles is one of those wrestlers in TNA, like we’ve talked about above that have build TNA to the second best wrestling company in the world. Styles is another one who is a TNA lifer, and has been one of the founding fathers of TNA. He is simply phenomenal in the ring, and has put on some of the best matches in TNA history. His feuds with Daniels, and currently with Angle have been great, and I think he is actually underrated in a sense. Everyone is thinking about who will be the guy who saves TNA from the Aces and Eights. I think they are setting up AJ Styles for that role at Bound for Glory this October. If you don’t remember, AJ Styles can’t challenge for a TNA world title match until this year’s BFG, and I think that he would be the perfect one to take the World title off of Bully Ray, and destroy Aces & Eights. Styles is the golden boy of TNA, and like Sting said on Impact weeks ago, “TNA is the house that AJ built”. I wouldn’t go that far, but he is pretty close. Styles is a great in ring talent, and worker, and that is why he is number five on my list.

4. Kurt Angle

Back in 2006, Kurt Angle was the first former WWE superstar that meant anything to their company. Angle was the biggest wrestler to jump ship, and he might be the best in TNA history if you think about his overall impact on TNA. But that discussion is for a different article. The only Olympic gold medalist in pro wrestling history is one of the best two ever put on wrestling boots. He can do it all in the ring, and even at the age of 44, coming on 45, he is still one of the best in the business. Angle has talked about retirement recently, has said he will probably be around for 3 more years, 2 with TNA, 1 elsewhere. Many think that 1 elsewhere is WWE, but we will have to wait and see. Angle has underrated microphone skills. Yes, his grammar isn’t the best, but he knows how to get his point across, and you always feel his intensity. Once again, even at the age of 44, he is still one of the best in wrestling, and I think that he is one of the best, if not the best TNA wrestlers of all time, and that is why he is #4 on my list.

3. Bobby Roode

The IT factor, Bobby Roode has done what little thought he could do, in being a main event, top guy in TNA. Similar to Storm, Roode was always thought of being a tag team wrestler, who would never leave that shadow. But he became the longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion in company history, and defended it against some of the best in TNA. His work in the ring is some of, it not the best in TNA, and he knows how to put on great wrestling matches. His microphone work is great, and his ability to be a bad guy is very hard to do. He is a natural born heel, and he knows how to get you to boo him. With numbers 1, 2, and 3, I switch them around over 10 times, but I went with this because I felt like Roode wasn’t as good as the ones before him. Roode is great, but I feel like he is at times one demonical, and can only be a bad guy. I think if he had to be a babyface, it wouldn’t be right, and he wouldn’t be able to do it. I know I’m nit-picking, but when you reach the top three, you have too.

2. Austin Aries

Number two on my list is probably the best pound for pound TNA wrestler in the company. He is small, but he used everything he’s got in that ring. The Greatest Man who ever lived has proved that he can be a top babyface, and a top heel. He is one of the best promo cutters in TNA, and has been able to move into the Tag Team division with Bobby Roode, and out shine the IT factor. In the ring, he is the best X-Division wrestler to be able to move up to the main event level, and stay there. His ability to have everyone in the area not like him in his promos are great, and even he says that he is an a**hole in real life, so you are who you are I guess. Aries came out of nowhere in TNA last year, and burst on to the scene. I hate to quote a song that I can’t stand, but he started from the bottom, and now he is here. Aries is without a doubt one of the best in TNA, and that is why he is number two on my list.


Bully Ray TNA WC1. Bully Ray

The current TNA World Heavyweight Champion and the President of the Aces & Eights is number one on my list. Bully Ray is the best heel in wrestling today, and might even be the best champion in wrestling today as well. He looks good with the belt, and he has given it so much meaning, that is has almost become the biggest thing in wrestling. Bully’s fire for his title is unlike anyone else. He reminds me of Triple H back in the mid-2000s, where he was the best heel in the WWE, and all his character cared about what the World title, same thing here. Another thing that I give Bully Ray huge props for is getting into such good shape. He went from Bubba Ray Dudley, to a wrestler what can get up without have to press himself up by using his knees to pull himself up. He has gotten into great shape, and is now a legit singles competitor in TNA. I also give him credit for being able to pump some life back into the Aces & Eights stable. He has been able to get me back into the storyline, and Devon, Anderson, and Bully are the only thing that I take seriously in this group. Say what you want about Bully Ray, but the guy is a hard worker, and the best heel in TNA today, and he is the best in TNA period. His work in the ring, for his size, is great, and his microphone skills are some of the best in TNA as well. He knows how to get you emotional invested in his character, and I think he is the best in TNA today. So there you have it folks, Bully Ray is the best in TNA right now. Like the great Ric Flair always says, “To be the man, you have to beat the man!”


So there’s the Top 25 wrestlers in TNA, and I hope you enjoy the list. I had a lot of fun writing it, and it took me about a month to put together everything on this list. So I hope you take one second to type a comment, tweet or like this, and let me know your feedback on my list! Thanks!


By Eron Ramadanov
Twitter: @ERamadanov @PWZRadio