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 Ultimate Sports Talk – Wrestling fans don’t give things a chance anymore… I’ve had enough!

Wrestling fans don’t give things a chance anymore… I’ve had enough!

Eron Ramadanov May 21, 2013 Comments Off on Wrestling fans don’t give things a chance anymore… I’ve had enough!

Curtis Axel WWE

If you are expecting an objective article here, then you’ve come to the wrong place. This is basically me (Eron Ramadanov) venting and bitching about the crap I’ve heard over the past 24 hours after Monday Night RAW. Last night on Monday Night RAW, we saw the debut of the newest “Paul Heyman Guy”, Curtis Axel, formerly known as Michael McGillicutty or the Internet fans call him by his real name, Joe Henning.

Before Heyman revealed his newest client, many were throwing around ideas of who it could be. Some where saying it would be an NXT talent like Corey Graves, Bray Wyatt, or Conor O’Brian. Some are saying that it was going to be a old friend of Paul E like Rob Van Dam or The Big Show. But I think no one thought it would be someone is actually on the WWE main roster, that we rarely see on TV. Curtis Axel was “chosen” by Paul Heyman to join his flock of top notch superstars like CM Punk, and Brock Lesnar.

First thing that bothered me is that many are blaming WWE creative for this “flop”… Yes, Vince and WWE creative had some part in this pick, but I truly believe that Paul Heyman had most of the say in who he’d like to manage. If you believe that Paul Heyman just agreed to manage just anyone, you are dead wrong. Heyman is one of the most valuable things to the company, and he has more power than people think. Remember, if Paul Heyman were to be let go, don’t be surprised if CM Punk said, “see ya later”, and joined Mr. Heyman, so he has that going for him. Heyman had without a doubt a say in who he would manage next, and he chose Curtis Axel.

But the biggest thing that got me going out of my mind is when I woke up, and went on the forum, and looked to see what the internet thought of the pick of Curtis Axel. Apparently, they were not a fan of Axel, and thought there were better choices like RVD. Are you kidding me? RVD? Lets see, would I rather have some who is old and broken down, or someone brand new, who by the way, the IWC cries for all the time. They are always saying that WWE never builds new stars, and don’t know what talent to use. Um… Hello? You can not have it both ways.

I hate the fact that little fucks like that don’t give anything a chance anymore. As soon as they see something they “think” they see something they wont like, they automatically decide its going to be shit. I am so done with the IWC, and they need to learn to take a step back, and realize to not judge a book by its cover.

Curtis Axel is the PERFECT pick for Paul Heyman’s 3rd guy (no pun intended). His ability in the ring is some of the best in the WWE, and he has the experience that is needed to be on the main roster, but at the same time is young, and new. If you don’t know what Axel/McGillicutty/Henning has been doing for the past couple of years since the New Nexus, he has been the Rock’s in ring training partner. Henning helped the Rock train for both of his WrestleMania 28 and 29 matches, and even trained with Brock Lesnar for his match at WrestleMania 29 earlier this year. He has also been in NXT, working on his skills, and has appeared on WWE Superstars, and live events. He has paid his dues, and his ready to be on the main roster. Many have been saying all night that he has no mic skills or charisma. Umm… Hello? He DOESNT NEED TOO! That is why he has Paul Heyman! Plus, his promo with Triple H on RAW, was actually pretty good, and I think he has the look to be at the top of WWE. I am a huge fan of Axel, and an even bigger fan of Paul Heyman, and when Heyman says that someone is good, then I tend to agree with him.

By Eron Ramadanov, Editor-In-Chief
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