MLB Power Rankings 05-29-13

Don Phan May 29, 2013 Comments Off on MLB Power Rankings 05-29-13

St. Louis Cardinals (28-15)

30. Miami Marlins

The Marlins are averaging less than three runs per game in 2013.

29. Houston Astros

It’s a shame that such a bad season is going to yield the number two pick at best in the draft.

28. Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers are playing like a bunch of drunk sailors on the field. They lose eight, win six and then play their way back to the basement.

27. Chicago Cubs

It may be another 100 years before the Cubs make it back to the World Series let alone win it.

26. L.A. Dodgers

Why does Matt Kemp get booed for offering $1,000 for each home run he hits to the Moore relief fund?

25. San Diego Padres

At six and a half games out in the division, there is still time for the Padres to make a run if they continue to play better.

24. Kansas City Royals

Ned Yost just got busted trying to spy on the Kansas City Chiefs’ practice. Perhaps he was looking for a new employer?

23. New York Mets

The good news is that the pitching staff in the minors is looking good. The bad news is that they won’t help the young hitters improve.

22. Seattle Mariners

Rain, rain and Mariners losses are the only three things Seattle fans have to look forward to each year.

21. Anaheim Angels

Eight straight wins got the team out of their early slump. However, two straight losses put them right back where they started.

20. Toronto Blue Jays

At some point, they have to stop giving up at least six runs a game right?

19. Minnesota Twins

Another maddeningly inconsistent team this season. They win a couple, lose 10 and then win three more before losing eight.

18. Philadelphia Phillies

With the Nationals struggling, there may be hope for the Phillies to do better than third in the division.

17. Chicago White Sox

If recent history within their division is any indication, expect the White Sox to either win 10 in a row or lose 10 in a row.

16. Cleveland Indians

After climbing to new heights, the Indians made the mistake of looking down. It has been a dizzying descent ever since.

15. San Francisco Giants

A poor road record is what is keeping the Giants from being one of the elite teams this season.

14. Colorado Rockies

They are hanging around after a hot start. If they finish above .500, it will still be a win for the franchise.

13. Washington Nationals

Would anyone else have guessed that Jordan Zimmerman would be the ace of the staff so far this year?

12. Tampa Bay Rays

The rest of the AL East better take notice. The Rays are back to where they should have been all year long.

11. Baltimore Orioles

What’s going on with Jim Johnson? If he continues to struggle, it could mean bad things for the rest of the team.

10. Pittsburgh Pirates

They look like a team that knows how to win during the spring and early summer. Can it continue into the fall?

9. Oakland Athletics

A torrid 9-1 stretch has them back within a couple games of the Rangers.

8. Cincinnati Reds

The Reds know that the season is a marathon and not a sprint. Expect Cincinnati to be a wild card team this year.

7. New York Yankees

A recent losing streak suggests that the overachieving may be coming to an end in New York.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona has a lot of young pitching and hitting talent. Expect multiple all-stars either this year or in the near future.

5. Detroit Tigers

In a better division, they would be in second or third place. Luckily, they can hit their way to a division title.

4. Texas Rangers

The Rangers are a solid team that can score runs. Yu Darvish will be the reason why Texas holds off Oakland.

3. Boston Red Sox

Jon Lester and Clay Buckholtz continue to be anchors for the Red Sox pitching staff. The Sox will go as they go.

2. Atlanta Braves

Mike Minor will be a name that everyone is familiar with by the end of the season. He is a good young starter who will continue to get even better.

1. St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals never seem to miss a beat. More than a year removed from losing Albert Pujols, the Cardinals barely seem to notice that he is gone.