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IMG_0310[1] Josh Burkman.  I recently had the privilege to interview former UFC fighter and current World Series of Fighting stand out Josh Burkman.  Living in scenic Utah I have had the opportunity to meet and talk to a plethora of interesting athletes and personalities.  Josh found the time to answer a few question of mine even though he is very busy, especially of late, getting ready for his headlining main event fight this mid June on NBC.

1. You’ve always been athletic from your high school days as a three-sport star athlete in baseball, football and wrestling at Cottonwood High School, to earning JUCO All-American honors in college football at THE Dixie State College. What made you ultimately decide to pick MMA as your career?

I choose MMA, better known to me as NHB at the time because of the challenge that my first fight had given me. I intensity of the competition that it brought out in me and what iI learned about myself. I knew the sport of Mixed Martial Arts had a lot to teach me.

2. You’ve fought in several organizations beginning with the U.C.E., to the U.F.C., and currently the WSOF, have you ever questioned your career choice along the way?

I am very satisfied with the road my career has went down. The best part of my career hasn’t been the UFC, or the Bigger shows… It was that comeback off of my injury fighting here in Showdown that I enjoyed the most.

3. Speaking of the Ultimate Combat Experience, a lot of people don’t realize how many former and current UFC fighters call Utah home including Jeremy Horn, Demarques Johnson, Court McGee, Steven Siler, and of course yourself. How do you explain the success of Utahns in MMA and do you consider yourself as one of the forerunners of the scene here in Utah?

There are just a lot of tough people in Utah, a lot of great athlete’s. Lucky for us, Businessman have had success with their shows and gave a platform for us to compete here in Utah. I don’t really think about myself as a forerunner, but I did use becoming the first UFC fighter from Utah as motivation early in my career. Now I’m just happy to be apart of the success of Utah MMA.

4. You recently said you didn’t want to take a fight, including against Jon Fitch, unless it was for the title. What do you think of WSOF President Ray Sefo’s decision to not implement promotional titles at this time?

I just don’t believe they had an idea of how to crown the initial Champions. Somebody had to start asking and that is why I did. The WSOF treated me very fairly and re-negotiated my contract with me, so i’m very happy with the result.

5. You are scheduled to fight Jon Fitch at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada on Friday, June 14th, live on NBC Sports Network. Do you consider this for the de facto WSOF 170 pound championship?

I don’t consider this to be that. It will clearly put one of us as the Top welter-weight in the division though.

6. In closing, how can your fans keep up to date on you and are there any groups or organizations that you are working with that you’d like to acknowledge at this time?

Keep up with me on my website JoshBurkman.net, @JoshBurkman on twitter and my fan page Josh Burkman on facebook.

Just a thanks for all the support I get, to my family, friends, and fans.