Marlins Win New York Marathon

Vince Rockett June 8, 2013 Comments Off on Marlins Win New York Marathon

The Miami Marlins have not had much to get excited about this season.  They lost many key players in trades and free agency and their already thin fan base has dwindled.  But Saturday night, the young Miami team showed a lot of heart and character in outlasting the Mets in 20 innings in a New York Marathon.  Pitching dominated in a 2-1 Marlins victory as Slowey got the victory by pitching 7 strong innings.  Miami used eight pitchers overall.  The Mets also used eight pitchers in the game with Marcum taking the loss in 8 innings of work.

Forty One players were used in the game, 21 by Miami and 20 by the Mets and there was 28 hits in the game but only three runs scored. The Mets left 22 runners on base including 19 in scoring position.  David Murphy of the Mets batted 9 times in the game with only one hit.  Miami won the battle in the end showing the mental toughness of a first place team even though they are 20 games out of first place.  That is what was impressive to me; they could have mailed it in with not much to play for except pride but they showed a lot of professionalism and heart.Giancarlo+Stanton+Atlanta+Braves+v+Miami+Marlins+GjG7_YjPjdcl