Tebow-Mania begins again… This time in New England.

Eron Ramadanov June 10, 2013 Comments Off on Tebow-Mania begins again… This time in New England.


The New England Patriots are planning to sign free agent QB Tim Tebow. The team looks to sign the QB before Tuesday, where the team starts mandatory minicamp.

Head Coach Bill Belichick has spoken on Tebow several times in the past, saying that he is a hard worker, and loves his character, intelligence, and his versatility. He has described his as being tough, and smart on the field, and is always doing his best.

This move reunites the relationship of Tebow, and Patriots OC Josh McDaniels who drafted him in 2010, and even moved up to get him. This is the most interesting part of the deal. To see how McDaniels will use him in the offense, and if he will be switching positions. This move is being talked about as a “for the future” type move. According to reports, the Patriots will have him learn behind Brady, and will develop as a QB.

Many are wondering will this be the same type of hype that we saw in New York. I don’t see that. I think Belichick and the “Patriot Way” will make sure that the media gets there’s, but it doesn’t interfere with the team or winning football games. Tim Tebow for the first time in his NFL career will be quiet if he wants to stay employed, and he will have to convert himself to the “Patriot Way”. In New England, there is only one voice, and that is the voice of Bill Belichick. I’m a believer that if a coach like Belichick feels like this move can help his football team, and help get back to the promise land, than by all means, I trust him. We’ve see this before from the Patriots. Bill Belichick loves versatile players who can play multiple positions. For example, guys like Mike Vrabel¬†who played outside linebacker, but was asked to play tight end at times at the goal line. Another example is WR Troy Brown, who played a lot of defensive back for Belichick, and was asked to help a struggling DB crop. So the Patriots and Belichick love when guys can play multiple positions, and help in any way possible. That’s the Patriots Way…

Tim Tebow, 25, who was released by the New York Jets this offseason, will now go north, and try his luck in Foxboro. This will be the first time in Tim Tebow’s NFL career that he will have absolutely no pressure to start, and lead a football team. This time he can just do what the Patriots ask of him, and learn behind one of the best QBs of all time.

Hey, New England… Get Ready for Tebow-Mania!


By Eron Ramadanov
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