No one is bigger than “The Patriot Way”…

Eron Ramadanov June 21, 2013 Comments Off on No one is bigger than “The Patriot Way”…

Aaron Hernandez PatriotsIn the long and storied tradition of the New England Patriots, there is something that many call “The Patriot Way”. That is a certain type of attitude, and character that you have to have to fit in with the Patriots. You have to come to do your job every single day, and most importantly keep quiet, and out of problem.

We’ve seen examples of this in recent years with the Patriots, that if you cause any type of problem, you can say bye to Foxboro, and get packing. We saw in 2010, when Randy Moss was speaking to the media about not feeling “wanted”, he was later that year traded do to the fact that Belichick and franchise owner Robert Kraft felt like he wasn’t representing the Patriot Way.  Even last season, we saw the Chad Johnson/Ochocinco/whatever he wants to call him project end terribly. Well, I guess it really never started, as Johnson rarely saw the field, and wasn’t the same receiver in New England, because he didn’t adjust to the Patriot Way. We are now seeing something like this happening again.

Aaron Hernandez, the 23 year old, star tight end for the New England Patriots has been the center of attention to the media, and the law enforcement, since Odin Lloyd, a 27 year old semi-pro football player was shot to the back of the head was found in a industrial park near Hernandez’s house. Surveillance video shows that Hernandez was with Lloyd only hours he was killed earlier this week. The Police department have not ruled Hernandez out as a suspect of the murder, and the recent reports are not keep him out of the crosshairs.

ABC News reported that Hernandez destroyed his home security system and his cellphone, which police used to search his house once again. The Police have confirmed that the security system was smashed on purpose, and that his cellphone was handed to the police in pieces.

Many wonder what the connection between the two is. Apparently, Police say that Lloyd was dating the sister of the mother of Hernandez’s daughter.

As of right now, the Police are looking at Hernandez as a suspect, and a lot of evidence points to Hernandez, but you are innocent until proven guilty in my book, but maybe not from the Patriots organization.

This story, and news is probably not going over well with Patriots Owner Robert Kraft, Head Coach Bill Belichick, and others within the Patriots organization, and this could not only be the end of Hernandez’s outside life in general, but his life as a New England Patriot. We obviously need to find out more, and we still haven’t found out all the details. Now history has shown us that the Patriots, when a player isn’t following the Patriots Way, isn’t going to be there for much longer. I could be wrong, and if he is innocent, the Patriots might just stick with him. He is 23 years old, and has one of the most versatile tight end/receiving abilities in the NFL, but all I know is that I think that Belichick and Kraft are opening the trading block to the rest of the NFL if Hernandez is proven innocent.

No one is bigger than “The Patriot Way”.


By Eron Ramadanov
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