Chris Jobes July 15, 2013 Comments Off on WILL HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF?!


I’ve been born and raised in Pittsburgh, at 29 the Pirates have lost more season’s than they have won in my lifetime. I can barely remember some of the winning seasons anymore. Yesterday was the last day of baseball before the All-Star break began. How did the Pirates finish up? .602! If you are a Pittsburgh Pirates fan you know how exciting of a time this season has been. You might also be asking yourself a question “haven’t we been here before?!”. Last year at the All-Star break we were at .557 and fans thought “man they will really have to mess this season up to not have a winning year”. Boy did they mess August 2012 up! So bad that the season ended at .488 and gave the Pittsburgh Pirates their 20th losing season.

If the Pirates keep on track they will give the franchise its first winning season in 2 decades, if not we will begin working our way towards 3 decades of losing seasons. What is the problem with the All-Star break that seems to be the downfall for this franchise? I think the issue is mostly the pitching and that the arms we have had in the past just couldn’t hang for a whole season. I’m not saying this year we are much better, but with Garrit Cole starting a little later in the season I have a little more hope in the pitching than I have in previous years.

Only time can really tell what will happen this season. Are you a Pirates fan? What are your thoughts and predictions on the second half of the season? I think most Pittsburgh Pirate fans are probably all saying the same thing right now as last season “man they will really have to mess this season up to not have a winning year”.