MLB Power Rankings (07-22-13)

Don Phan July 23, 2013 Comments Off on MLB Power Rankings (07-22-13)


30. Houston Astros

There’s always next year and another top draft pick to ease the sting of finishing in last place.

29. Miami Marlins

They are now on pace to lose 100 games instead of 125. Progress?

28. Chicago White Sox

Only two games separate Chicago from Minnesota. Who will win the battle for the basement in the AL Central?

27. New York Mets

Marlon Byrd has been a nice offensive compliment to David Wright this season.

26. Chicago Cubs

Matt Garza is 6-1 this season. At least they have him to build around as they move forward.

25. Minnesota Twins

It’s never easy to build a new stadium only to see it almost empty because the team playing on it is lousy.

24. San Francisco Giants

The Giants are only 5.5 games back of the Diamondbacks. Unfortunately, it might as well be 15.5 games back the way that they are playing right now.

23. Milwaukee Brewers

Winning four in a row only masks what a brutal season it has been in Milwaukee.

22. San Diego Padres

The Padres are praying that the season ends sooner rather than later. It has not been easy for them.

21. Seattle Mariners

Seattle has won six in a row to propel them to near .500 on the season. That’s the first step toward being able to challenge for a wildcard spot.

20. Anaheim Angels

Is it time to see if anyone wants to take Pujols off of their hands? Perhaps the Yankees, Red Sox or Orioles may want him?

19. Toronto Blue Jays

John Gibbons has proven that he can’t win with talented players. He should be fired as soon as the season ends.

18. Kansas City Royals

Finishing the season with more wins than losses would be a banner year for the fans in Kansas City.

17. Colorado Rockies

They started off hot, then cooled down considerably. A recent 6-4 stretch has them within shouting distance of the NL West lead.

16. Washington Nationals

Injuries and poor run support have been major issues. That is why they are currently in third place in their division.

15. Philadelphia Phillies

Never count Philadelphia out. What they lack in talent they make up for with grit and determination.

14. L.A. Dodgers

The Dodgers prove that playing 162 games in a season devalues too many of those games.

13. Cleveland Indians 

Cleveland is still learning how to win in pressure situations. It should be interesting to see if they can overtake Detroit.

12. New York Yankees

The Yankees are rarely this far back entering the month of August. It looks like they will be home in October watching the playoffs.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks

Better play on the road will be huge if they want to fend off the Dodgers down the stretch.

10. Texas Rangers

There isn’t time for a slump when you are chasing teams that win almost every game that they play.

9. Detroit Tigers

If not for Chris Davis, Miguel Cabrera would be running away with another Triple Crown title.

8. Atlanta Braves

Atlanta is just taking its foot off the gas pedal for a few weeks. They should be focused again by the time October is here.

7. Cincinnati Reds

The Reds are hoping that Pittsburgh slips back to them. Otherwise, it will be tough to stay in the playoff hunt.

6. Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore is 7-1 in their last eight games. Why? The starting pitching has excelled. Chris Tillman is now 12-3 on the season.

5. Pittsburgh Pirates

It looks like they will avoid a serious swoon this year. It still may not be enough to keep them playing in October.

4. Tampa Bay Rays

Is Tampa Bay for real? Wasn’t this supposed to be a down year for them?

3. Oakland Athletics

They are making it cool to acquire cast-offs and other players that nobody has ever heard of.

2. Boston Red Sox

Could Boston be playing in the World Series for the third time in a decade?

1. St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis is the favorite to represent the NL in the World Series this year.