Leave your man-purse at home: Only clear plastic bags permitted at NFL stadiums

Ultimate Sports Talk September 5, 2013 Comments Off on Leave your man-purse at home: Only clear plastic bags permitted at NFL stadiums

dt.common.streams.StreamServerIf you’ve traveled by plane since 9/11, you know how painful security can be. Don’t bring more than a few ounces of liquid. Limit what’s in your carry-on. And prepared to be patted down by overzealous screeners who practically have the right to do whatever hey want to you. It’s not fun. But thankfully, the hassle has been limited to airports for the last dozen years. But that changes this year with the NFL’s new policy at its stadiums.

We think this will be a policy that will keep a lot of female football betting enthusiasts and their families at home, and here’s why. If you’re a woman with a purse (or a man with a murse), be prepared to find a really small clutch bag. It needs to be about the size of your hand. That means it can have enough room to carry an ID, some cash, a bit of lipstick, and a smartphone.

Got more stuff to carry? Than you’ll need to throw it in a large, clear plastic bag that officials can see right through—just like the ones that the TSA wants you to put your liquids inside.

While men can usually throw all their belongings in their pockets, this seems to be an attack on women and families. Women’s purses are used to store a lot of family essentials, and now families will have to either leave stuff in the car or resort to those pesky plastic bags.

The league says the policy is designed to help expedite players into the stadium and improve safety. We think it’s probably just a way to generate more money by making sure fans aren’t bringing in their own booze.

You don’t see NHL or MLB stadiums implementing the same policy, and they’re easily as big of a target for terrorists, if that’s what the league is worried about when they cite safety.

It will be interesting to see how the league responds to fan backlash as the season progresses. Will it keep sports fans home? Or will they adapt just as we’ve all adapted to the TSA. We’ll find out soon as the regular season gets underway.