Saying “Goodbye” to Jim Ross…

Eron Ramadanov September 14, 2013 Comments Off on Saying “Goodbye” to Jim Ross…

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In the pro wrestling world, there is one man who is known as the Best of All Time when it comes to play-by-play for the WWE, and that man is WWE Hall of Famer, Good Ole’ JR!

Jim Ross was always one of my personal favorites, and there will never be anyone like him ever again. His emotion and heart that he put into every night of calling matches and shows for WWE will never be matches. He was able to say, exactly what the casual fan was thinking. But the greatest thing about Jim Ross in my opinion was his ability to be able to connect with the average Joe. When you felt a certain way about a wrestler or moment, JR was right there with you, feeling the same thing.

Another reason JR was the best ever is because he was able to make his partners in crime look better than they actually were. He worked with guys like Mick Foley, Tazz, and Todd Grisham for short periods of time, and always tried to help them along. But when Jim Ross really shined in my opinion was when he was right along side his long time partner in crime, Jerry The King Lawler. The chemistry and banter between made the pairing work so well. I also liked it when JR got to work with Paul Heyman during the invasion angle in the early 2000s.

Jim Ross was the voice of the WWE for over 15 years, and many believe that their will never be anyone like him. But his work on the microphone wasn’t the only thing that he contributed to WWE in his years there. He was at one point, the head of talent relations in the 90s, and most recently working under Triple H in developing and scouting talent, and working with young announcers in the new WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

JR has been through so much with WWE, the good and the bad. He has been fired multiple times, and rehired just as much. One thing that no one can deny is that Jim Ross has the passion that many don’t. He cares about pro wrestling, and he always cared about what he was saying or doing on the microphone, and even in the ring from time to time.

Jim Ross was inducted into the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame Class, and was inducted by one of his close friends, Stone Cold Steve Austin. There are many rumors that Jim Ross was “forced” or “pushed” out by WWE management because of the Ric Flair incident at the WWE 2k14 video game panel, where many think that WWE was upset with Jim Ross because he didn’t take control of the situation, and let Flair ramble on. If that is the case, I feel like WWE is over reacting. I watched the panel segment, and I understand WWE’s frustration with Flair, but not with Ross. He did the best he could, and I though he was funny, witting, and kept things moving before Hurricane Flair took over the show.

If that is the case, I feel sorry for Ross that he had to retire on such bad terms, but I am confident that we haven’t seen the last of Good Ole’ Jim Ross! In the end, you have to think that Jim Ross will be back in the future, and that he will make some appearances.

All I know is that there will never be anyone like Jim Ross, and if I could borrow a catchphrase from the great Bret Hart: Jim Ross is ‘The Best there is, The Best there was, and The Best there ever will be!”

Thank you Jim Ross for all the memories and amazing moments! You are a true class act.


By Eron Ramadanov
@ERamadanov on Twitter