Series History: Past and present games between New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks

Ultimate Sports Talk December 2, 2013 Comments Off on Series History: Past and present games between New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks

Saints-vs-Seahawks-Dec-2-2013In 11 historic meetings, the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks have met during the regular season. The Saints lead the series 6-5 as they head to Seattle to face the 9-1 Seahawks – a team that is currently undefeated at home in the last 13 home games since Russell Wilson took the helm at quarterback.  Despite this amazing streak, the Saints and Seahawks are tied at 3-3 in all games played in Seattle.

Sean Payton may be considered the wild card in the recent history between the two organizations.  As head coach for the Saints since 2006, Payton has led the franchise to a 2-0 regular season record against the Seahawks.  Despite the success, the Seahawks defeated the Saints in the 2010-11 NFC Wild Card Playoff.  While the odds may be in the Seahawks’ favor in tonight’s Monday Night Football game in Seattle, you can read more news on NFL odds here.

The biggest road win for the Saints in this series came in 1976 when the Saints scored 51 points to defeat the Seahawks – a new expansion team at the time.  In Seattle’s inaugural season, the Saints and Seahawks were in the same division. Interestingly enough, the New Orleans Saints organization has only scored 50+ points only 3 other times.

In 2007, the Saints broke an 0-4 start to their season by defeating the Seahawks at Qwest Field. This game embodies the closeness of the series between the two franchises as the Saints came out to a 28-0 start in the first half and then held on to defeat the Seahawks 28-17.  The second regular season victory in Payton’s career as head coach came in 2010 when the Saints defeated the Seahawks 34-19.

There have been three games throughout this series that were decided by a narrow margin of 3-points or less, including one game in 1997 that was won by the Saints in a 20-17 overtime victory.

Today, the New Orleans Saints are led by quarterback Drew Brees and a stunning defense coordinated by 1st year Saints’ defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.  In 2012, the Saints defense finished last in the NFL in yards allowed; a season that saw Sean Payton suspended in the infamous “Bounty Gate” scandal.

Russell Wilson maintains his steady hand controlling the Seahawks offense in 2013.  Despite turning the ball over 12 times in the first half of the season, the offensive unit has not given up a turnover in 3-of-the-last-4 games.  While the attention may be on Wilson, running back Marshawn Lynch is a consistent threat any time he touches the ball earning 11 touchdowns for the team both on the ground and through the air.