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If you didn’t notice, someone new is playing Sin Cara. WWE superstar Hunico is now taking over this role. It is no secret that the WWE has had issues with the original Sin Cara (Mistico) after numerous injures and him just not living up to the hype. Sin Cara/Mistico was hired by WWE/Triple H in 2011 and pushed very strong for a few months until he was suspended for 30 days because of a Wellness Violation.

After his return it wasn’t long until Sin Cara was sidelined again during the Survivor Series event he suffered a legitimate patellar tendon rupture while diving out of the ring. This sidelined Sin Cara out of the ring for 6 months. After this return Sin Cara was active on TV until the end of the year when he was injured once again with a knee injury. This time it was only a month before his return but as quick as he returned his injuries returned just as quick. A few more months went by and Sin Cara returned to TV. Everything was going fine until August came by Sin Cara dislocated his ring finger during a match with Alberto Del Rio. Rumors were going crazy on the internet that WWE was not happy that when he dislocated his finger that he basically stopped the match himself.

Since then we have not seen Sin Cara. Up until 2 weeks ago when Sin Cara returned on RAW to face Alberto Del Rio again, but something was different. There was a shoulder tattoo that Sin Cara had now that he didn’t have before. It has been reported that because of the tattoo Sin Cara is now played by WWE Superstar Hunico. Hunico has played Sin Cara the past 2 weeks on RAW. Will Hunico be Sin Cara forever? No official announcement has been made. The original Sin Cara/Mistico is still employeed by WWE, rumors suggest that Mistico’s contract expires in January and WWE will let him sit out the remainder of the contract. It has also been rumored for a few years that Vince McMahon has wanted to do a Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio match at WrestleMania, finding another body to face Rey is smart. However, we all know Rey’s track record as of late for injures too. So what if WWE is trying to find a “new” Sin Cara, is Hunico the perfect choice?

I am not taking away anything from Hunico, I think he has been doing a great job the past 2 weeks. There have been rumors that WWE may even play around with the Sin Cara role and give it to a few other superstars and see who is the best fit, even going as far to bring the character to NXT and see if a younger guy can make it work. If the WWE goes this route to give a few others the role, here are a few I think would make good Sin Cara’s:

1. Tyson Kidd– Kidd just recently returned to action after being injured for months. It isn’t any new that WWE doesn’t really do anything with Tyson Kidd which is why giving him the Sin Cara character to try out could work. Tyson (and any others) could report to NXT for a short amount of time and use the character at WWE Live Events. This would be my #1 choice for a new Sin Cara.

2. Justin Gabriel – Since Nexus & Corre Justin Gabriel has basically just been a jobber. The role of Sin Cara could really help him out, he is young enough and talented enough to adapt quick to this role.

3. Evan Bourne – Another high flyer, Evan still hasn’t returned to action yet. He is only a good choice once cleared to return. I’m not sure when Bourne’s return is going to happen, but if it is soon this could be a perfect opportunity.

4. Adrian Neville – If WWE wants to go with a new and young high flyer, NXT’s Adrian Neville could work. Neville is much larger muscle wise, but probably around the same for height. Might not be a the best fit, but could do great in the role if given the opportunity.

5. Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder (tie) – What are either of these guys doing? Nothing! Could they make a good Sin Cara? With a little time why not? Neither man is a huge high flyer like the others on this list, but they could still provide an entertaining match.

What are your thoughts on Sin Cara? Should Mistico be given another chance? Is Hunico the right choice as backup? Who would you want to see as Sin Cara? Whoever does play the role, I think WWE needs to make a quick decision. You can’t have a new Sin Cara each week, the fans will notice. Maybe try new ones out at Live Events and NXT, but TV should be consistent with Hunico until a decision is made.

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