Do You Really Need These Golf Accessories?

Scott December 18, 2013 Comments Off on Do You Really Need These Golf Accessories?

By Scott McCormick, a golfer and a writer who is currently putting around San Diego golf courses.

It seems that gimmicky sports accessories come out on a daily basis, loaded with promises to improve your game easier, faster, and more conveniently than traditional training can provide. But on the other side of the fence, we have products which address a variety of concerns. As bizarre or ridiculous as they sound, some accessories probably deserve a better reputation than they get. And others, on the other hand, probably belong in a dumpster somewhere behind your local country club. Besides death and taxes, it seems fairly certain that quirky golf accessories will continue to roll around every holiday season for the golfer in everyone’s family.


While there are plenty of golf accessories made for a laugh, I aim to take a closer look at some intended to have some real function. Here is a countdown of five such golf accessories that have been gaining some popularity, along with my verdict of whether you should grab it for your next outing or demand a refund. So scrounge up your receipts, pull up a chair, and join me on this peculiar tour of golf accessories.

Swingyde’s Golf Swing Training Aid

Being a rookie and getting the hang of the ideal swing can be difficult, especially on following through on your drives. This training aide, which is a simple piece of yellow plastic that anchors on the handle of a club and reinforces good grip angle, is marketed to improve swing form. The market for training aids of this variety is pretty huge, considering the frustration that many rookies and instructors experience on perfecting basic swing form. This unit is fairly simple and cheap for the asking price, but it does exactly what it sets out to do. Some users complain that the unit feels awkward to use, but I mostly attribute this to the difficulty some have in adjusting to good form.

Verdict: Grab it!

If you feel like a training aid is required to get your swing just right, Swingyde’s solution will help get you there. It may be rudimentary, but you can’t fault them for false advertising. This sort of solution might help rookies who are picking up the game without professional instruction.

The UroClub

No list of this nature would be complete without bringing up the infamous UroClub. After exposure on the popular reality TV show “Shark Week” (and the subsequent infomercial that racked up hundreds of thousands of hits online as comedic gold), the UroClub became a laughing stock for many. Despite the infamy the product has earned, the product is a fairly innovative way for fellow golfers struggling with incontinence on the course to discreetly manage their needs. While a golfer may appear to be angling a ball out of the rough or practicing their putt, they can take care of business with the durable leak-proof “club” without constant visits to the country club’s restroom.

Verdict: Grab it!

Despite the amusement some people derive from the product, it can be a great help for men who find that incontinence is keeping them from the game. It’s subtle, well-constructed, and does exactly what it advertises.

Club Champ Kooler Klub Drink Dispenser

Despite being a tragic follow-up to the Uroclub in its similarity, this product comes with a nifty concept; instead of loading up a cooler and toting it around, simply fill up this club-shaped dispenser with your favorite beverage and enjoy refreshments straight from your club bag. It can hold up to 48 ounces of fluid and includes a cleaning brush. It’s amusing, eye-catching, convenient, and reasonably affordable – all of which would be fantastic if it actually worked. According to consumer reviews and complaints, the product frequently has issues with leaks and occasionally fails to work at all.

Verdict: Get a refund.

While it comes with a neat concept and charming execution, the product’s lack of craftsmanship makes your traditional cooler the far superior option until a manufacturer gives the concept a build it deserves.

Sport Sensors Swing Speed Radar

When it comes to actually getting something practical in improving your game, a sensor to detect your swing speed can be an excellent way to gauge how well you’ve been developing your drive. While they aren’t the most affordable accessories, the most affordable popular sensor available is the Swing Speed Radar by Sports Sensors.  This fairly small unit is kept a little less than a foot away from your tee and accurately detects the speed of your swing via a Doppler radar sensor. There’s certainly a lot more to a good swing than sheer force, but this sensor is a great way to gauge your game as you’re developing your skills.

Verdict: Grab it!

This is a durable and reliable unit that I’d recommend to instructors or players serious about measuring their progress. Prices of these can be a concern, but few match this piece’s affordability. More expensive models are available with additional features, like tempo timers.

Check-Go’s Sweet Spot Finder

Straight from the most absurd depths of pseudoscience, this product promises to help you achieve “longer drives and more precise putting” by finding its optimal balance point. This device, which resembles something like a tiny futuristic thermos, apparently uses high-speed gyroscopes to determine where the ball is best balanced. The product I got came with a broken marker, but getting a replacement proved that the product at least works in some way. I’ve never been prone to using these kinds of aids to help my game, but I thought I would give it a try after hearing praise from a friend who swore that this strange little device was lowering his scores.

Verdict: Get a refund.

Call me biased, but I’ve never required this kind of wizardry to find a good balance. I wouldn’t recommend this product personally, but considering the praise I continue to hear about these sorts of products, it may be a technology worth looking into if you can’t seem to hit a straight shot. As for me, I’ll pass.

What stocking stuffer or birthday gift golf accessory do you have in your closet? Feel free to comment with your most interesting golf accessory story.