Chris Jobes December 30, 2013 Comments Off on THIS WEEK IN WRESTLING : DECEMBER 23 – 29, 2013



I hope everyone had a nice holiday last week, hopefully you had a few days off of work. I know I enjoyed the days off and could use a few more. I was planning on getting caught up on all of wrestling this week but that didn’t happen so my NXT report will probably come later in the week. However, I did get to watch almost everything including Tribute to the Troops. Let’s take a look at this past week in wrestling…

Tribute To The Troops
– I hope many of you got the chance to watch Tribute To The Troops, it is a great show that WWE puts together every year. Daniel Bryan was very heavily focused in this years event. The hour long episode was pretty much laid out like a much better episode of Main Event. The show kicked off with Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt. That turned into Daniel Bryan & CM Punk vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. Which then turned into Daniel Bryan, CM Punk & John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. The whole series took up almost half of the show and it was very entertaining. The crowd and I think the troops were happy with the match and the end result which gave the good guys a chance to hit their finishers. The WWE also had a few other matches that didn’t air on the special but made it online via the WWE YouTube account:

The biggest news in WWE last week was the announcement that “The Animal” Batista will be returning to the WWE in 2014, January 20th to be exact! Batista will return just in time for the Royal Rumble and I can’t wait to see him back in the WWE! I was am a big Batista fan and I think he will be able to offer a lot to the WWE in 2014. If you missed the return video, check it out here:

Jeff Jarrett Resigns From TNA
This in my opinion was the biggest news of last week. The news came out last Monday afternoon that Jeff Jarrett resigned from his position on December 22, 2013 but TNA later clarified the news by stating his last day with the company would be January 6, 2014. This news means to me that the heart and soul of TNA is now gone from the company. TNA was Jeff Jarrett’s company and now with him leaving and AJ Styles gone what is really left in TNA that made the company?

I have this feeling that something is going on with TNA. I know they keep downplaying the rumors they are for sale but why would Jeff Jarrett leave the company if something like that wasn’t going on? If TNA gets sold Jeff would be a huge asset, unless 1 specific person purchased TNA. Who would that be? Vince McMahon/WWE. When WCW was purchased by WWF, Vince McMahon basically fired Jeff Jarrett on live TV. Could the WWE be in talks to purchase TNA? With the WWE Network rumored to launch in 2014 the TNA library would be a huge gain for programming and future DVD releases for talent like Kurt Angle, Sting and Jeff Hardy.

TNA as a private company doesn’t have to reveal any business dealing, but WWE as a publically traded company does. This is only my speculation but if WWE is interested in purchasing TNA and have contacted them about it that it is only verbal at the moment until both sides have agreed to terms and ready to announce the purchase. Possibly around WrestleMania time? Think about it, the current TNA story line of Dixie Carter could end in March around LockDown and then the announcement could come that WWE purchased the company. Jeff Hardy “walked out” of TNA this past week because of Dixie (reality is he can’t travel to England and needed written off TV) and vowed not to return until the dark cloud is gone.

I really believe that TNA is going to be sold sometime in 2014, the only group to gain anything from TNA is WWE in its video library and some talent. Will TNA be sold? Has WWE been in talks with TNA? Only time will tell and this is an ongoing story I will keep an eye on.