Anderson Silva On Road To Speedy Recovery: “I Will Be Back”

Alex Hernandez January 12, 2014 Comments Off on Anderson Silva On Road To Speedy Recovery: “I Will Be Back”

BdsiOo3CAAAjxSvUFC President Dana White Stated That Anderson Silva Is Only 30 Days Away From Walking Without Crutches

Not only does he fight like Bruce Lee but he also imitates the Terminator — the former UFC middleweight champion and pound for pound greatest fighter on the planet claims he will be back in the octagon to fight again.

One of the nastiest leg breaks in UFC history came from quite possibly one of their biggest stars of all time. One would imagine Silva would not even entertain the possibility of stepping back into the cage but just 2 weeks out of UFC 168 where he lost his second title fight in a row against now UFC undisputed champion Chris Weidman, Silva has confirmed with both his team and Dana White that he is planning on returning to the UFC.

Bdt_WO7CQAAzs_w.jpg largeThere are many questions and statements being tossed around throughout the media and fans on whether Silva should even consider a return, let alone rush a return which could further his injury and quite honestly end his career. If Silva was in fact to rush his rehab he could do permanent damage to his left leg. Suppose he does return in a short time frame, he would have plenty of time to practice throwing kicks with his recovering leg but what happens when he has to throw with full force inside the cage. Not to mention if his opponent applies a leg lock to said leg, you can only imagine he would tap rather quickly.

White confirmed that Silva is in good spirits and does in fact hope to come back. The opponent, weight class or month however will obviously not be determined until the former champion is officially ready to train.

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