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Last week was a pretty busy week in wrestling. Has everyone recovered yet from the excitement of the WWE Network announcement? I’m sure as the days get closer and closer I will get more and more excited for it. This past week WWE went Old School, TNA now has 1 undisputed champion and ROH has some familiar faces returning. Let’s dive into it…

Out of all of the wrestling promotions I think WWE was the busiest last week for programming. First WWE RAW went Old School on Monday, then the WWE Network was announced on Wednesday, and then taped a few weeks of NXT on Thursday. Last week on RAW, I think Old School was once again a success. It is rumored that Old School RAW could become a yearly thing every January. I hope that is true because it is a show I look forward to. The show kicked off with Ric Flair, which lead to a Flair, Orton and Cena segment. I know Flair can sometimes be a wild card for the WWE, but he pays in entertainment every time he is in front of that camera. With the WWE Network launching next month I hope they can find a show they can feature him on each week.

Daniel Bryan officially became part of The Wyatt Family as he now dresses the part. During the match last week it kind of looked like Daniel Bryan could’ve joined The Wyatt’s to break them up from the inside. I’m hoping that this is a quick storyline and it doesn’t play to WrestleMania. My hope is Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble and quickly goes against The Wyatt Family until Elimination Chamber. After the chamber he can do his Road to WrestleMania. I know, wishful thinking lol.

In the main event, Roman Reigns continued to prove his dominance in the WWE by defeating CM Punk. It doesn’t seem like the WWE is rushing into breaking up The Shield, they are playing it very safe and I like it. You know it is coming, The Shield has been together over a year. It isn’t a moment of “if they break up” more of “when”. The WWE needs to play their card right with Roman Reigns too. They could easily rush him into the main event picture but I’d like to see a good singles push with him holding the IC title for a bit then working his way up. One of the things I miss is when WWE used to actually grow their talents. Think of Shawn Michaels, he was in a successful tag team (like Roman Reigns) and technically even held the tag team titles. Then moved onto singles competition where he dominated the Intercontinental Championship division. Then won the Royal Rumble twice. Finally during his second try he became WWF Champion at WrestleMania 12. That is how WWE needs to grow some talent, let them have a WrestleMania moment. Daniel Bryan may have already become WWE Champion, but even he deserves a WrestleMania build up and moment. I’d like to see Roman Reigns have that in his career too.

WWE Network
If you missed our coverage of the WWE Network last week, we did our best to give you as much detail as possible. I’m sure with the 40 some days until the WWE Network launches a lot more news will be announced. Make sure you go back and read my column along with Greg Mitchell’s:

The WWE has also even posted the full video of the WWE Network announcement online:

Going into Impact last week we knew we would see Magnus vs. AJ Styles to crown the Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Outside of that match, not much really happened. The match itself was pretty awful. We also knew going in that AJ Styles would be leaving TNA as his contract was officially up. I was hoping we would see TNA push Magnus as a legit star and let AJ go out by passing the torch so to speak. What did we get? Not that. The match saw interference after interference attacking AJ. Finally Robert Roode came down at the end and his his finisher a few times on AJ that led to Magnus pinning AJ Styles to become the Undisputed TNA WHC. Who should be TNA WHC right now? I’d say Robert Roode, he did more in the match than Magnus. The whole match was just a cluster and wasn’t very entertaining. I also didn’t understand that when TNA is hyping the Impact Genesis special this week that the match wasn’t held off until then. Well, who knows what is next for TNA. I’m sure there can’t be much left on their horizon.


Ring of Honor is kicking off 2014 with a bang. This week’s episode saw the return of Chris Hero (aka NXT’s Kassius Ohno). I haven’t watched ROH in a few months but decided to check it out seeing as they are returning to Pittsburgh on 1/25 and figured I should try to get somewhat caught up.


The thing that really threw me off was last time I watched ROH Kevin Steen was a bad guy, this edition he was good. Wasn’t expecting that. I kind of want to know how that story progressed now. Anyway, the main event was Steen vs. Hero. Not match of the week, but pretty decent and worth checking out. Steen beat Hero, I was surprised by the outcome and even how good Steen is compared to the last few times I saw him. Maybe his new character has helped elevate him.

Although he has already begun touring with ROH, AJ Styles is going to be making his return to ROH in 3 weeks! I’m sure that will be an episode not to miss.