Homer Simpson Face-palm of the Hockey Week

John Hartzmark January 24, 2014 Comments Off on Homer Simpson Face-palm of the Hockey Week

Homer Face Palm

The runner-up for this “award” was Utah State goalie that decided it was better to chat with fans than pay attention to a face-off.  A Denver player shot the puck down the ice and the Utah State goalie dove on in time to see the puck go in.  No, this did not “win”.  The Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees are this weeks winner.

The NAHL, a junior league, team drove to their game against in-state team, the Corpus Christy Rays, a former CHL minor league team, and forgot the most important piece of equipment.  The Jerseys.

Being a “nice” opponent, the Corpus Christy Rays allowed the Killer Bees to wear their road jerseys.  If you do not believe me, here is visual proof:

Womp Womp


No, this is not an inter-squad scrimmage.  The Killer Bees struck first in the game, but could not stop the Rays, ending up losing 2-1.

No word if the equipment manager still has his job.  Rio Grande Valley is still in third place in the division, one point behind Topeka in the South Division, at 21-13-7.  Corpus Christy is in fifth place in the division, reaching a 15-21-7 mark on the year.  And Rio Grande Valley has the fifth best goalie, according to GAA, Nick Schmit, who has an impressive 1.89 GAA and a .914 save percentage, 2 shutouts, in 16 games.

Tune in next week for another edition of “The Homer Simpson Face-Palm of the Hockey Week”.