UFC Fight Night 36: Lyoto Machida Earns His Second Win In The UFC Middleweight Divsion

Alex Hernandez February 16, 2014 Comments Off on UFC Fight Night 36: Lyoto Machida Earns His Second Win In The UFC Middleweight Divsion

UFC Fight Night Brazil: Machida v MousasiLast night at UFC Fight Night 36 The Dragon slayed yet another opponent in his quest to the top of the division

The UFC traveled to Brazil in their latest Fight Night card and brought along the ‘decision bug‘ which has been haunting the promotion (including the fans) in some of their most recent events. UFC Fight Night 36 only presented 2 finishes out of the 12 fights booked on the card, those coming via submission (Oliveira [w] vs Ogle) and knockout (Silva[w] vs Sato) which left fans a bit disgruntled.

The night’s co-main event was an anticipated booking between Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza vs Francis Carmont, one of the most interesting matches on the card for myself given that Jacare has trained with Anderson Silva and Carmont trains and was glorified all week by Georges St. Pierre. The bout would ultimately end in a decision, adding to the list of decision victories of the night. A night which surpassed the UFC 169 ‘longest event record’ (2 hrs, 53 mins, 32 secs).

20140216062617_bbbbThe stage was now set for a middleweight showdown with No. 1 contender opportunities as Lyoto Machida (21-4 MMA)  would contend for the second time in the octagon as a UFC middlweight opposite Gegard Mousasi (34-4-2 MMA). As the match began Machida proved to be the quicker of the two, swiftly out striking Mousasi at every exchange, Mousasi was even quoted to say Machida was just one step quicker every single time. This was truly the most exciting bout of the evening, an MMA fight which could only be described as a chess match between two high level opponents. The decisions would not be over as Machida would capture the win via unanimous decision [49-46, 50-45, 50-45].

There has already been talks of Machida vs Weidman and the possibilities of a Machida vs Belfort match up is absolutely mouth watering. When asked about the middleweight title that was once held by his good friend and training partner, Anderson Silva, Machida stated that he’s “already thinking” about the title. With a second win under his belt in the middleweight division, there are some interesting matches for him in the near future.