Chris Jobes February 28, 2014 Comments Off on WWE NXT ARRIVAL RESULTS

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Cesaro defeated Sami Zayn

Mojo Rawley defeated CJ Parker

NXT Tag Team Championship
The Ascension (Viktor and Konnor) defeated Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay) to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

NXT Women’s Championship
Paige defeated Emma to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

Tyler Breeze vs. Xavier Woods ended in a no contest after Alexander Rusev attacked Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze

NXT Championship Ladder Match
Adrian Neville defeated Bo Dallas to become the NEW NXT Champion!

Alright, just to start this off if you did not watch NXT Arrival last night you better go watch it now. The bar for WrestleMania has been set by NXT because last night’s show was incredible from start to finish. Each month I tell you how great NXT is when I do my monthly recap, and JBL and Triple H have said it best the past few weeks, there is something special at NXT. The next generation as they are now being called really stepped up last night and put on a flawless show. Well, the WWE Network had some issues but that wasn’t the talents fault. I tuned into the WWE Network on my roku player at 7:30 for the preshow and everything was going great for a bit and around 10 minutes in my feed started loading constantly and buffering. I probably only watched a total of 15 minutes of the preshow because of that. Then it started doing the same thing during the beginning of NXT Arrival. I ended up switching to my iPad and watching it, that was fine for a bit until close to the main event and the app kept kicking me out. I wasn’t the only one who had issues. WWE you have a little over a month until WrestleMania to fix whatever streaming issues you had last night, and when WrestleMania rolls around there will be many more trying to access the live stream.

The 3 matches that NXT hyped for this event really did shine. The opening contest was Cesaro vs. Zayn IV. These 2 men have had such a connection down in NXT that I hope will continue when Sami Zayn moves up to the main roster. Cesaro won the contest with a vicious uppercut and the neutralizer.These two integrated some of what worked in their previous 3 matches and really just turned it up even more.

Mojo Rawley had a pretty quick squash match with CJ Parker. Mojo’s whole “stay hyped” gimmick is interesting but I haven’t been completely sold on him yet, both him and CJ Parker have some growing to do as talents. I also don’t think CJ Parker’s gimmick would go over well on the main roster, he needs to fine tune it into something that the WWE Universe can really get behind.

When I heard that The Ascension was issuing another open challenge, I really expected The New Age Outlaws to show up for a WWE Tag Team Champions vs. NXT Tag Team Champions match. However, I found it very entertaining that the WWE used Too Cool, it was a complete surprise. Plus Too Cool was perfect to help put The Ascension over, where NAO might have overshadowed them. The Ascension continues to dominate NXT and if given a manager could really dominate the tag team division for a long time.

As much as I love AJ Lee and loved Kaitlyn as the Divas Champions, I cannot remember the last time I really enjoyed a women’s match like Paige vs. Emma. I can probably go as far back as Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James at WrestleMania 22. These 2 women left everything in the ring and really showed how NXT has the better women’s division in the WWE. That scorpion move that Paige defeated Emma with was awesome and I hope she utilizes that more in the future.

Alexander Rusev attacked Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze in a non match, I would’ve rather seen Alexander Rusev in a match to showcase him in NXT. Rusev was in the Royal Rumble a few weeks back but hasn’t been used since, only shown in video packages on Raw and SmackDown. NXT Arrival would’ve been a good starting point for more people to see him.

FINALLY Bo Dallas is no longer NXT Champion! I think you could tell early on in NXT Arrival that Adrian Neville was going to win just by the video packages they created for him. I think NXT is the perfect place for Adrian Neville to shine at the top because if and when he moves to the main roster I always am afraid that a high flyer will get lost in the shuffle and stay at midcard status. This was also the first time the NXT Championship was not forced to change. When Big E won the NXT Championship from Seth Rollins it was because Seth had already debuted on the main roster with The Shield. When Bo defeated Big E it was because Big E had been already called up to the main roster. As of right now Bo Dallas has not been called up to the main roster which should make an interesting story going forward to seeing what kind of rematch these guys could have. Also, don’t forget about Corey Graves, him and Neville have a history and Graves could be the first man to try and get an NXT title shot.

That is it for now, NXT Arrival is in the record books and I think anyone who has or will watch this event will agree it is something fans will talk about for a while. I am looking forward to seeing what TNA’s ratings are against a live episode of NXT. This could be an interesting battle to watch from afar to see if either show really steps up their game, this could become a real battle for Orlando. No word yet on if NXT will do any future live episodes, I would really like to see more in the future. It doesn’t even have to be 2 hours, even an occasional 1 hour live episode would be worth it.