WWE Network vs UFC Fight Pass: Where To Put Your $10

Alex Hernandez March 2, 2014 Comments Off on WWE Network vs UFC Fight Pass: Where To Put Your $10

wwe-network-and-ufc-fight-passThe WWE Network and UFC Fight Pass have arrived and of course our immediate reaction is to compare the two for what they’re worth

Vince McMahon has once again rolled the dice on the WWE by launching the biggest online sports entertainments streaming service ever although the network would not debut without incident. Many fans who purchased the network on release day experienced critical technical difficulties where as the UFC Fight Pass was released with little to any media/streaming complications. Speaking personally from experience, the WWE Network would crash when replaying a pay per view, though their 24/7 channel would air without hassle.

UFC Fight Pass

122813-UFC-fight-pass-ahn-PI_20131228165707297_660_320Upon debuting Fight Pass, the UFC offered their fans a one month free trial to their library which was quite limited to say the least. Nothing more could be expected with an online library which was just unveiled on December 28th during media pressers for UFC 168. With the buzz about the Fight Pass lingering in the air — both fans and media were on the edge of their seats in the wait of official announcement. I, and many other fans wondered exactly how many fights would be available to replay. Also, if their library would include Pride, Affliction, Strikeforce and WEC bouts.

Here’s a direct quote from the original presser shown presenting the content on UFC’s Fight Pass:

Get unlimited access to the most extensive library of MMA content on earth, including fights from the UFC’s dark ages — and the greatest bouts from other MMA promotions including over 500 Pride fights, more than 600 WEC bouts (and) 500 plus Strikeforce fights

Subscribers have openly expressed their disappointment in the ‘free trial’ seeming library that the UFC has offered to their account holders. Limited access to Pride bouts and little to any Strikeforce fights included in their library. In regards to the content, the WWE Network easily outshines the UFC’s Fight Pass.

WWE Network

WWE-Network-logo_BlackIn comes the WWE Network, with 24/7 round the clock original programming airing and pre-shows and behind the scenes content constantly being added to their Network there is no competition for the giant that is World Wrestling Entertainment.

Vince McMahon has always been one to outshine the competitors whether it be in the same sport or in the same pay per view bracket, McMahon will always be the first to test the waters in a new environments to gain viewers/popularity. The WWE apparently continues to have problems with certain users while attempting to view their content.

It would be ignorant to expect a network of such magnitude to present itself without failure on the day of of departure, with that being said the WWE has certainly exceeded expectations with hours on hours of content and little to any crashes in their network.

In conclusion, if you’re an avid pro wrestling fan who misses the days of the Attitude Era and the 80’s characters which we grew up with, there is no substitute for the hours of entertainment that await you inside the WWE Network.

I of all people know there is no comparing the Ultimate Fighting Championship to the World Wrestling Entertainment but in regards to their media programming, Dana White once agains falls one hair short of Vince McMahon.