Should Chief Wahoo Go?

Dave Mitchell April 13, 2014 Comments Off on Should Chief Wahoo Go?

Indians logoThrough the first two weeks of the MLB regular season, some interesting problems are emerging for both the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians. Hitting appears to be the dilemma for the Reds, while Cleveland isn’t getting the consistent pitching that led them to the playoffs one year ago.

Every Monday night on the Ohio Baseball Weekly show, Mark Donahue and Dave Mitchell discuss the ups and down of the 162 baseball season for both clubs. On this weeks show we will discuss the hitting of the Reds and the pitching of the Tribe. But this Monday night we will also give our thoughts on the Cleveland longtime Logo, “Chief Wahoo”.

Every year, the logo comes under scrutiny. Especially around opening day when 8-10 Native Americans protest in front of Progressive Field. The Cleveland Plain Dealer and some of the local media have called for the abolishment of “Chief Wahoo” permanently from the uniforms, shirts, hats and any other paraphernalia.

Is the “Chief” racist? Is it an incorrect caricature and disrespect the American Indian? In a recent Poll held by WKYC television in Cleveland, over 85% felt the “Chief” wasn’t a problem and wanted to keep him. Yet it can be said that over the years the Dolan’s have owned the Indians, the logo has slowly been eliminated. This year the team even changed it’s primary MLB logo from “Wahoo” to the Block “C”. The most boring logo in the game.

We want your opinion. What do you think of “Chief Wahoo” and should it be retired for good? Send in your opinion for our “Ask Us” segment around 9:30 EDT on Monday’s show. Whether you root for the Indians or Reds, tell us your thoughts. You can send in your opinions via email to “” or “”. You can also send us a tweet to “@ultsportstalk” or “@ohbbcohost”. We will read your emails and tweets on the air.

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