Report: Raiders to Waive Terrelle Pryor

John Hartzmark April 20, 2014 Comments Off on Report: Raiders to Waive Terrelle Pryor


According to Alex Marves of FoxSports1, the Oakland Raiders are going to waive starting QB Terrelle Pryor Monday.  This will happen if the team cannot trade the quarterback.

Last week, the team set an April 21 deadline, which also happens to be day the Raiders’ OTAs start, to trade the former Ohio State star.  Reportedly, the team had some “minor interest” for Pryor, but nothing has come to fruition.  Pryor still has one year and $705,000 left on his original deal.  The Raiders selected Terrelle, 24-years-old, in the Supplemental Draft, using a third-round pick.

Last year Pryor played in 11 games, starting nine of those games, threw for 1,798 yards, rushing for 576 more yards, nine total touchdowns, 11 interceptions, five fumbles completed only 57.4% of his passes for a Total QBR of 30.5.  For his career, Pryor has a 56.3% completion rating, 1,953 passing yards, 627 yards rushing, nine throwing TDs, 12 interceptions, five fumbles, three rushing TDs, and one reception for 22 yards.  He has a Total QBR, for his career, of 33.5.  To put the QBR in perspective, Peyton Manning’s QBR last year was 82.9, Geno Smith’s was 35.9, and Alex Smith’s was 81.9.

This move started when the Raiders traded a sixth-round pick to the Houston Texans for embattled starter Matt Schaub.  The Raiders believe they are a better with Schaub and may pass on one of the top QB’s, since they are “not in love” with any of the top QBs.