Offensive Struggles Continue for the Arizona Diamondbacks

Ultimate Sports Talk May 14, 2014 Comments Off on Offensive Struggles Continue for the Arizona Diamondbacks


Sitting at (16-26) in the current standings the Arizona Diamondbacks have yet to make up any ground to getting to .500.

The team continues to go on this up and down roller coaster of a season, and playing way below their expectations and capabilities.

It has been said that this team has too much talent to put out the performances they have demonstrated the last 34 games.

The season still has 100 plus games remaining and plenty of time for Manager Kirk Gibson to max the potential out of this team.

The problems have been starting pitching which has started to turn the corner just a hair, but then they take several steps backwards and continue to hover at 11 games under 500.

It’s one thing to have one guy struggling in the line up or maybe two at a time, but two or more will certainly contribute to a rut that rubs off on the entire team, and should the lack of production from third base and left field continue then the team will have to look to make moves to correct the problem.

Martin Prado is in a slump and continues to struggle taking advantage of what few RBI opportunities he has.  This team will have a very difficult time turning the season around without Prado’s offensive production.

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