Price Should Go Up with Brown Gone

Dave Mitchell May 15, 2014 Comments Off on Price Should Go Up with Brown Gone

Mark PriceSpeculation abounds as to where the Cleveland Cavaliers will turn in their search to replace Mike Brown. No matter who they bring in, the thoughts of “what Lebron thinks of him” will be reported on. What should be the story is who can provide excitement for Cavalier fans that are looking for a reason to reserve their season tickets.

Mike Brown was not a good fit from day one. It’s known Brown is a defensive coach that knows little about the offensive end of the floor, except how to stop it. But when your team doesn’t buy into the defensive end as much as the coach likes, and the coach is unable to motivate the team to play the kind of defense the coach requires, there is a problem. That proved to be the demise of Brown in Cleveland…Again.

So now what? This coaching search has to be a Home Run for the team. This needs to be a hire that can teach the team how to play NBA basketball on both ends of the floor. The new coach has to be a spark plug and a motivator. The coach has to be able to demand respect both on the floor and off, plus coach the team to it’s strength, which is running the ball and playing pressure defense. This coach also needs to be able to pull the fragmented relationship of Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters together so they can be a cohesive unit.

There is a coach that can provide all this. As a matter of fact there are three coaches. However there are detriments to all three. Those three names are Mark Jackson, George Karl and Mark Price. In my mind, Mark Price is the answer to the Cavalier prayers.

Mark Price’s “25” is in the rafters of Quicken Loans Arena. He brings credibility to the team and the community as a former player and person. Price is a quality individual with a pristine background. He has made the trek in coaching from high school, college and the pros, spending the last season as an assistant with the Charlotte Bobcats. Price is known as an excellent shooting coach and understands the pick and roll offense. He ran it perfectly with Brad Daugherty during his career.

As a player, Price was a shooting-point guard, the same as Kyrie Irving. Irving needs work on his game to learn how to make decisions inside MarkPricethe game. Price could be “priceless” at teaching this to Irving. When to take his shot, when to pass the ball. The knowledge Price could embark is career changing to Irving.

Price had a career that players would respect and believe he knows of what he is speaking. The belief is Brown could never gain that respect from any player he has coached, simply because he had never played in the league. Just a look into the ceiling would show the players Price understands the game, inside and out.

He also comes from a coaching family. His father was an excellent High School coach and Price has learned from him. His ability to teach will be invaluable to a team of young players, ready to move into the elite of the NBA.

Price would also not be a detriment to the return of Lebron. Certainly Mark Jackson might be more intriguing, however Jackson wants the Lakers job. Its doubtful Jackson would take the Cleveland job or Utah. Many feel he is the right fit for the New York Knocks. That is a wrong assumption. Mark Jackson doesn’t come from the Phil Jackson “tree”, thus the Knocks aren’t a possibility. Look for Derek Fisher to retire and take the NY job, or Kurt Rambis.

That brings us to George Karl. Karl would rather be in the front office. His coaching days might be behind him. However, where better a place to end your coaching career than where it all started, in Cleveland. Still Karl doesn’t seem to be a fit.

Other names being thrown about are Vinnie Del Negro (NO!), Alvin Gentry (No!), Nate McMillian (NO!), John Calipari (No!) and Chauncy Billups (Possibly).

The Cavs should take their time with this pick, but have a coach selected before the draft the end of June. They should interview everyone. Anyone they might have an inkling of interest in should be spoken too. Get a variety of choices and narrow it down.

At the end of the day, the selection here is Mark Price.

And Another Thing: The Cleveland Indians smacked out a season-high 22 hits en route to a 15-4 romp over the Blue Jays in Toronto last night. David Murphy and Lonnie Chisenhall each had five hits, marking the first time since July 10, 1932 that at least two batters ended with at least five hits in the same game for the Indians.

The Indians have not had a pair of teammates with at least five knocks in a nine-inning game since Johnny Hodapp and Luke Sewell delivered in a 24-6 win over the Yankees on July 29, 1928.

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