The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned – Episode 5

Chris Jobes October 23, 2014 Comments Off on The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned – Episode 5


If you haven’t noticed The Ultimate Fighter was on a break for 2 weeks, it was them not me! I was kind of hoping this week would’ve featured 2 episodes to catch us up a little. However we just got the normal hour episode. When we last left TUF Team Pettis clinched the 4-0 record and want to stay undefeated this season.

This week we saw #6 Felice Herrig vs. #11 Heather Jo Clark. Herrig seems like a unique fighter, I have noticed her early on in the season, she is very beautiful and seems to have a lot of confidence and tries to be as intimidating as possible. In the last episode during practice Heather Jo Clark hyper-extended her knee during practice, she complained about it so much her teammates lash out. Felice is ready to be the one who shuts up Clark. Clark has a record of 6-4 with a fight history starting in 2010. She does have some KO/TKO’s in her record, but I am focused more on the amount of decisions making me think she doesn’t have what it takes to end the fight in the cage. Herrig currently holds a record of 9-5. Herrig is also the #9-ranked female strawweight fighter in the world according to the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings. Like Clark, I see a lot of decisions in Herrig’s background, more than I want to see. After the last 2 episodes of fights ending in the cage I had a feeling this fight would go the distance.

Back in March 2013 Clark and Herrig fought at Bellator 94 and Herrig won by decision. This time I was hoping that Herrig (or Clark) would want to come into this fight and leave it in the cage. Unfortunately this fight went the distance and saw Herrig win (a second time) by decision. If I was Herrig I wouldn’t give Clark another chance ever. Clark gave a nice guillotine early on in the first round and I thought maybe she would put up a decent fight, but outside of that move I also gave the fight to Herrig. With Herrig’s win Team Pettis go to a 5-0 record. I’m sure Team Pettis will lose a fight at some point, but when is the question. With this week’s win we are guaranteed our first Team Pettis vs. Team Pettis Quarter Final Fight between Felice Herrig and Randa Markos.

Elsewhere in the house we learned this week that Justine Kish is being forced out of the competition because of injury. Kish was complaining about her knee in the last episode, but in this week’s episode she learned that she basically has no ACL ligament and will need surgery to reconstruct it. Since we will never see Justine Kish fight this season, a quick recap of her history is that she is 4-0 with fights from 2010-2014. 2 fights are from Submission and 2 are from Decision. Best of like to Justine in her future.

With Justine Kish out of the competition Team Pettis had a spot open. Instead of letting Bec Rawlings get a bye in the tournament, Dana White decided to bring Tecia Torres back since she was the #3 seed. Torres is originally from Team Melendez but will now be switched to Team Pettis.

Next week we will see #5 Aisling Daly (Team Pettis) take on #12 Angela Magana (Team Melendez). The winner of this fight will face Jessica Penne in the Quarter Finals. Aisling Daly is currently 14-5, with 7 of her wins by Submission, 5 by Knockout and 2 by Decision. Angela Magana is currently 11-6 with 6 wins coming from Submission, 3 by Decision and 2 from Knockout. The records are sort of evenly matched so next week could be anyone’s fight, we may even get Team Melendez’s first win of the season.