Homer Simpson Face Palm: Carter Ashton’s Suspension Excuse

John Hartzmark November 6, 2014 Comments Off on Homer Simpson Face Palm: Carter Ashton’s Suspension Excuse

Homer Face Palm

Carter Ashton has been suspended twenty games due to a suspension for performance enhancing drugs. The facepalm does not go to the fact that Ashton becomes only the third player to be suspended for PEDs, after Zenon Konpoka and Jose Theodore.  The facepalm goes for his excuse … a player’s asthma inhaler.


“I suffered an asthmatic spasm in late August while in a training session getting prepared for the 2014-15 NHL season. One of the other athletes I was training with gave me an inhaler in order to help open my airway, which provided me with immediate relief from my asthma attack.  I kept this inhaler and used it a second time early in the training camp upon experiencing another asthma episode. Unfortunately, I incorrectly assumed that there were no problems associated with the use of this inhaler and I used it without checking to see whether its contents were permissible under the NHL/NHLPA Performance Enhancing Substances Program.

“I now recognize that I ingested Clenbuterol, a prohibited substance, through the inhaler. However, at no time was I seeking to gain an athletic advantage or to knowingly violate the terms of the program. I used the inhaler in response to exercise-induced asthma, a condition that my doctor with the Toronto Maple Leafs has since diagnosed and he has prescribed me with an inhaler. 

“As a professional hockey player, I recognize that I am responsible for what I put into my body, and I will not appeal my suspension. While I am extremely disappointed that I have let my teammates, our fans and the Maple Leafs organization down, I will work very hard during my suspension to stay in game shape so that I can help out the team when I am able to return.”

Now, I was hospitalized in the ICU for three days following my near-death from an asthma attack at the age of five, and had to take breathing treatments until I was fifteen.  To say that two uses of an asthma inhaler, even though said inhaler has a banned substance, is laughable.  For one, the medicine does not stay in your system like other medications.  Buterol-inhalers are used for short-term use, i.e. a few hours. Also, in order to have the banned substance, Clenbuterol, to have an effect on your system, you need to have a heck of a lot more dosage that an inhaler.

Clenbuterol is better used as a fat burner … in pill form.  It is not that when used to soften the bronchial tubes and cause someone to stop having an exercise asthma attack.  And when used in pill form is speeds up metabolism,  and causes muscle definition.  Sped up metabolism and muscle definition do NOT happen when Clenbuterol is used in inhaled form.

I am not saying that Ashton is a liar.  He is diagnosed with exercise induced asthma and has been prescribed an inhaler.  I am saying that if he wants to blame his inhaler, rather than owning up to the fact that he did something wrong, he needs to check his facts.

Ashton will forfeit more than $116,000 in salary.