Gordie Howe Takes Turn For The Worse

John Hartzmark November 16, 2014 Comments Off on Gordie Howe Takes Turn For The Worse

Gordie Howe

According to MLive.com, Gordie Howe has taken a downturn due to a minor stroke and back pain, which is causing his blood pressure to fluctuate into dangerous numbers.

“The last 10 days have been difficult,” Mark Howe Gordie’s son, told MLive.com. “His health is trending in the opposite direction. Right now it’s a lot for Dad to handle.”

Before this latest minor stroke, Gordie was making incredible strides, after having a major stroke on October 26, which included being able to walk around with some assistance.  Mark Howe hopes that the epidural, injected into his lower spine, will be able to alleviate the back pain and therefore cause the blood pressure to remain normal.  Mark also added that the epidural is making his dementia much worse, but that he will not have to come off any medication that helps his anxiety and blood pressure.

“We’re hoping and praying,” Howe said. “We just don’t want him to suffer. If we can’t get rid of his back pain it’s going to be extremely difficult rehabbing the way he was 10 days ago.  It’s a continuing fight. We’re just trying to give Dad the best chance to continue his road to recovery. … Hopefully get the epidural going and then within a week we should know which way he’s headed.”

Howe even said that his father is “in so much pain he cannot tolerate it”, but that their fingers are crossed and praying that he is still able to make a recovery.  Gordie is recovering in Lubbock, Texas.