Phil “CM Punk” Brooks Signs With The UFC To Fight In 2015

Alex Hernandez December 7, 2014 Comments Off on Phil “CM Punk” Brooks Signs With The UFC To Fight In 2015

694511-07bf532a-7ddf-11e4-a7a5-387122805962Former WWE World Champion Phil “CM Punk” Brooks leaves pro-wrestling behind in hopes for a successful UFC run

Saturday December 6th – During the UFC’s preliminary card for their UFC 181: Hendricks vs Lawler II pay per view, it was said that Joe Rogan would have a special announcement immediately following the first fight of the night. The “announcement you will not want to miss” was perceived as merely a ploy by the UFC fishing for pay per view buys, although many were intrigued and putting their own ideas together at an attempt to spoil the announcement.

Earlier this week, the buzz began as UFC president Dana White was asked if he would consider having CM Punk on his roster, when asked he said he wouldn’t mind having a chat with the former pro-wrestler. As if that weren’t enough to stir the pot and have the internet buzzing, White claimed that Punk would not only be in attendance in Las Vegas for UFC 181 but that they would be having a meeting to discuss Punk’s interests.

Capture32Following the first fight of the main card between Abel Trujillo and Tony Ferguson, Joe Rogan appeared on camera with Punk as it was confirmed that the 36 year old Brooks would no longer be lacing up his boots in the WWE and had decided to pursue his dream of being a mixed martial artist. Punk, who has no amateur fights will be entering the octagon with an 0-0 record. The only form of training Punk is known for is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the Gracie family, which by any means is not a bad start. Many denounce Punk’s credibility due to his background in pro-wrestling, though others have made the transition from pro-wrestling to mixed martial arts only a few had prior training experiences similar to those who actually compete which led to some success. 

Soon after the announcement was made that Punk would be competing in the largest MMA organization in the world, UFC fighters began sharing their content and displeasure with Punk being allowed to fight the best in the world (no pun intended)  without having to actually earn his way into the cage.

Whether you hate it or love it, Punk is now a member of the UFC and will be making his debut in his words, sometime around the six month mark of 2015.