Dana White: Anderson Silva Earns Title Shot With A Win Over Nick Diaz At UFC 183

Alex Hernandez January 7, 2015 1

UFC: The Time Is Now

Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman III Is Now Very Much A Possibility

Wednesday January 7th UFC president Dana White paid a visit to the Fox Sports 1 studios for a special edition  of ‘UFC Tonight’ where he announced that if successful against UFC veteran Nick Diaz, Anderson “The Spider” Silva would be No. 1 contender for the middleweight championship.

The two MMA legends are scheduled to fight on January 31st at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Diaz has not competed in the UFC since being defeated by the now retired Georges St. Pierre in March of 2013. He entered that title fight coming off of another loss to Carlos Condit. As time has gone by, Silva had reigned atop of the UFC’s middleweight division for years. Defeating the best of the best that the division had to offer in that time. Both Silva and Diaz will be entering the octagon with back to back losses.

silva-weidman_2610382bIf you’re a mixed martial arts fan, you remember what happened the first time that “The Spider” lost inside of the octagon. In a match with the up and coming stud from New York Chris Weidman, Silva came into this fight just like any other title defense. He was comfortable, confident and it showed in his performance. In just the second round of their fight, Weidman knocked Silva out cold as Silva left his hands down and pretended to be hurt by one of Weidman’s shots. Both men met again at UFC 168 in an immediate rematch where Silva broke his leg throwing a leg kick which Weidman checked with perfect precision.  

Weidman, the reigning and defending middleweight champion is scheduled to fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 184. Belfort, who is coming off of an amazing run in the year of 2013 could very well spoil the party. If you ask the bookies, the media and the fans, almost everyone can already anticipate closure to this trilogy between Weidman and Silva. 

Be sure to watch UFC 183 live on Saturday January 31st only on PPV at 10/7PM ET PT