Brad Pilon Part 2: Training, Business Success, And Happiness

Jason Ferruggia March 27, 2015 Comments Off on Brad Pilon Part 2: Training, Business Success, And Happiness

brad-pilonBrad Pilon and I continue our discussion as the conversation shifts away from The Protein Myth and Intermittent Fasting and towards training, business and happiness.

Not only does Brad have a wealth of knowledge on all things fitness and nutrition, but he has also built an incredibly successful online business while staying true to his values. In addition to telling you about his recent thoughts on training, Brad was kind enough to share some valuable lessons on productivity and personal development.

I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for Brad, and this conversation has only added to that opinion.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • 2:04- What foods you should avoid
  • 4:46- Brad’s current approach to training
  • 6:34- An overlooked lesson of bodyweight training
  • 10:46- Brad’s go-to training split, and his thoughts on high volume or high frequency.
  • 13:50- How to get ready to play an action move super hero.
  • 16:12- Brad’s One Thing, staying productive, and keeping your business partners happy
  • 19:26- How to thrive in the unique environment of internet business
  • 20:33- 3 tips to start making money online and succeeding in life.
  • 26:32- Brad’s favorite app and how he handles social media
  • 30:01- Lessons on life from Walt Disney
  • 32:31- Top music picks for work and training
  • 34:03- How do priorities change with age?
  • 37:44- Should you try to be perfect?
  • 39:30- What does it take to be happy?

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