Jane Fonda: Trim Tone & Flex- Complete Fitness Workout

BeFIT March 31, 2015 Comments Off on Jane Fonda: Trim Tone & Flex- Complete Fitness Workout

Jane Fonda: Trim Tone & Flex- Complete Fitness Workout: It’s time to Trim Tone & Flex! As we age, it is so important to stay active, strong and flexible. Toning and stretching the body promotes weight loss and also protects our bones, reduces joint stress and increases brain function. Both my upper- and lower-body workouts build lean, healthy and supple muscles. And, they are fun to do! Try these 20-minute workouts a few times a week and you’ll be healthier, stronger and feel great! Onward, Jane Program Description: Upper Body: 20 minutes: Prime the body with joint-lubricating moves, then we’ll sculpt and slim the arms, shoulders, back and belly using weights and balance exercises. Finish with flexibility stretches to improve range of motion. Lower Body: 20 minutes: Loosen up with gentle joint rolls before we work all the major muscles of the legs, hips and buttocks with seated and standing exercises sure to tone and trim. End with safe and soothing stretches for optimal flexibility. Bonus! 10-minute relaxation program to quiet the mind and releive stress A towel, chair and a set of light weights are recommended. Stay active as you look and feel your best with BeFiT! Tune in weekdays for new, free workouts. For more workouts from Jane Fonda, Click here: http://bit.ly/HCEl8M

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