My Current Diet, Overcoming Social Anxiety, and Starting Your Own Blog

Jason Ferruggia March 31, 2015 Comments Off on My Current Diet, Overcoming Social Anxiety, and Starting Your Own Blog

Jay-FerruggiaI used to have crippling social anxiety. I was shy, couldn’t talk to people, and was a horrible communicator. But that could not be further from the person I am today.

Whenever you feel this anxiety around interactions, you tend to think about how horrible things are for you. “Why do I have to be so shy? I hate it.” And beyond the emotional distress, you will never forge meaningful relationships.

As bad as it is for you, it’s just as bad for the people you interact with.

If you bring this anxiety to the conversation, there will be nothing fulfilling about talking to you. You’ll make the other person feel boring, ugly, and rude. That’s horrible. The opposite of what you want.

Relationships are critical to being successful. If you want people to remember you, to admire you, to support you, you have to command the room. You have to invest emotion into the conversation. Be genuinely present.

Now, when I’m out with a group of people, I’m talking to everyone, keeping people engaged, and sometimes, getting us kicked out for being too loud.

I overcame this fear the same way you overcome anything else in life. I practiced. I got out of my comfort zone. I took action each day.

Be sure to tune in to this episode to find out exactly how you can start getting rid of shyness right now.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • 1:05: Jay’s new song obsession and the artist who has won him over.
  • 2:14: Tips for overcoming social anxiety and the benefits of doing so.
  • 7:55: Jay’s pet peeve in social situations.
  • 10:13: Jay shares his opinion on barefoot running and how to slowly build up your feet.
  • 12:32: What does Jay’s current diet look like?
  • 16:50: Tips and tricks for adding size to your glutes.
  • 19:30: Does nut butter have a place in a healthy diet?
  • 22:14: Tips on starting a blog and building an online presence.
  • 26:37: What workouts should young, teenage athletes do?
  • 28:17: What books should you read before you go to sleep?
  • 29:46: Coach KJ’s go-to jams for making the ladies go nuts.

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